Joe Biden Chooses Communist China Loving Fanatic as a Senior Adviser

Joe Biden by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Joe Biden has been doing something very impressive ahead of his coming inauguration. He’s managing to annoy basically everyone by who he’s choosing for his cabinet.

Everyone except the big banks, China and Wall Street, that is. They’re pretty stoked so far.

His latest choice is turning some heads because she’s an epic failure who not only has defended Hollywood serial molester Harvey Weinstein but also praised mass-murdering Communist Chinese dictator Mao Zedong.

Sounds like a superstar, wouldn’t you say?

Meet Anita Dunn

Meet Anita Dunn: her name may ring a bell for you since she was a communications director for President Obama for a short time during his first term before quitting after she was filmed saying she loves Mao and his “philosophy.”

Oops. Does she mean his “philosophy” of starving millions of peasants to death and mass executing people who speak out against the government?

Now she’ll be taken on as a senior adviser to Biden. What’s he hiring her for? Her knowledge of how to do damage control for fat old men who assault women or her defense of a monstrous dictator who’s comparable to Hitler?

Dunn’s Record of Failure

Dunn only made it half a year under Obama after it was revealed that she said her favorite political philosophers were Mother Theresa and Mao Zedong whose “unique approach” to politics impressed her. Interesting combination indeed.

Hasn’t the trustworthy media been telling us for years now that it’s President Trump who loves dictators so much? I’m getting a system error here, folks.

Dunn will now be given another chance to guide the nation’s policy, helping Biden make life-or-death foreign policy choices including about the Communist authoritarian state of China which she apparently looks up to.

It’s no wonder Dunn fits so well into a party that welcomes people like Representative Eric Swalwell – who literally slept with a Chinese spy for years – and even lets them stay on the intelligence committee getting access to secure national security information.

Public Domain – President Nixon’s arrival in Beijing, China, 1972 (NARA) by is marked with CC PDM 1.0

What Does Dunn Like About Mao?

According to Dunn’s past statements, her admiration for Mao’s philosophy comes from his ability to be decisive and think big.

“You’re going to figure out how to do things that have never been done before,” she said, adding “you’re going to make choices.”

She’s right about that. Mao’s decisions led to the deaths of about 45 million innocent people and he also headed the destruction of China’s traditional culture and beliefs to force militant communist ideology on its peasants and populace.

While Dunn would undoubtedly express her disapproval of all the bad things Mao did, you can’t really say he impresses you – even objectively – with only saying you wash your hands of all the awful stuff he did.

Because the truth is most of what Mao did was awful stuff. Sure, he helped propel China forward into industrialization and made relations with President Nixon and the United States. But at the end of the day he was a communist fanatic and his country has become a leading adversary of America.

The last thing this country needs is someone who’s soft on China sitting in the Oval Office persuading Biden – whose family already has all sorts of troubling relations with China in the past. What China respects is strength, and what Dunn and the Biden administration are signaling is that they’re going to offer full compliance and play nice.

That’s no way to treat an out of control police state that’s currently enslaving and killing its minority Uyghur population. Somewhere in China somebody high up in the government is breaking out the champagne glasses at hearing of Dunn’s appointment. This is a dark day.