Joe Biden Curses Out Fox News Reporter at Press Conference

During the Trump presidency, liberal politicians and media were obsessed with press freedom. They claimed Trump’s anger at fake news was putting democracy in danger and scaring reporters.

The Washington Post even added “Democracy Dies in Darkness” to all its publications. We were told getting angry at journalists was deranged, unacceptable, and always wrong.

Well, Joe Biden is worse than Trump when it comes to the media. We’ve seen his temper flare up at reporters numerous times, but now he’s crossed the line into actually swearing at a reporter.

Here’s what happened…

Biden vs. Fox News

One of the only people who’s holding this excuse for a president accountable is a young man by the name of Peter Doocy of Fox News. On the rare occasions that Biden actually holds a press conference, Doocy asks hard questions.

He does the same with press secretary Jen Psaki, when she’s manning the propaganda podium.

Doocy asked him a simple question that made a good point: how much is inflation going to hurt candidates in the upcoming midterms? As he phrased it, how much of a “liability” will it be?

Biden wasn’t impressed and when the press conference was over, he chirped into his hot mic that Doocy was a “stupid” reporter and a “son of a b–ch” for asking the question.

So Much Civility

After years of hearing the left crow on about “civility” and “norms,” it’s sure nice to have someone in the Oval Office who gets it, right?

The truth is Biden is out of control. With the economy sliding into disaster, our border infiltrated daily by thousands of migrants, COVID running wild, and war very possible between Ukraine and Russia, Biden can’t take the heat.

Just last week, he also got furious about another Fox News reporter asking about the chance of war with Russia.

Biden should save some of that anger for our enemies, instead of what he actually does, which is attacking journalists for asking basic questions.

How is this not a threat to the free press? The president has a lot of executive power. When he curses out reporters and swears at them, it’s natural they might feel a little intimidated for the safety of themselves and their families.

Wouldn’t you say?

Let’s Time Travel…

Let’s time travel to January of last year. Biden took office saying he would fire anyone on the spot who treats others with “disrespect” in his administration.

Where I come from, calling someone an idiot and a “son of a b–ch” is fairly disrespectful. There’s only one choice left in order to maintain our precious norms.

Biden needs to fire himself, but if he doesn’t want to do it, I think President Trump would be more than happy to step in and tell him he’s fired.