Joe Biden’s Special Christmas Present

Joe Biden has been a very bad boy this year. Santa Claus isn’t looking at him kindly after his behavior, because I have a little secret for you.

Santa Claus loves America, and he doesn’t like the way Biden is disrespecting our country. Still, he arranged for Biden to get a very special Christmas present wrapped up with a bow and everything.

Biden’s Present: A Giant, Steaming Pile of Failure

Biden’s Christmas present is to get exactly what he deserves: a giant, steaming pile of coal representing the horrible failure of his regime.

Biden’s humiliating present was hand-delivered to him by a jolly man in a Santa Costume. This jolly man later stopped for a coffee and turned out to be none other than coal mine-owning Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

He had a jolly “ho ho ho” ready for Biden as well, letting him know he won’t be voting to bring communism to America in the form of the Build Back Better bill.

No, this bill is going to the rejection pile where it belongs, and with its defeat, the rest of Biden’s leftist, anti-American agenda is also headed for the trash heap.

Biden’s job now is to go sit in the corner and think about why he’s getting lumps of coal from the coal mine state, instead of a nice diamond. There’s a good reason!

Why Biden’s Been a Bad Boy

Biden’s been a bad boy because he’s let himself be pulled around like a marionette by people who hate America. These globalist liberals want to turn our country into a giant United Nations laboratory for their sick social engineering experiments.

They want to crush our Christian faith, destroy our society and businesses, and bring in a new high-tech regime of centralized ID passes and special border checks to have the right to leave your home.

They want to wreck what our Founding Fathers made hundreds of years ago. They hate Christmas and everything it represents, which is what shows how bad they are as people.

The Bottom Line

Biden should think about why he’s getting coal in his stocking and reflect on what he needs to do to change his luck next year. The best thing he could do would be to step down or else change his attitude.

If he chooses the second option, then the best suggestions for him are to fire every member of his cabinet who is pushing Green New Deal policies and undercutting America’s energy sector.

Biden should also fire every aide who is opening our border, releasing criminals from jail, defunding police, legalizing drugs, expanding abortion, and raising taxes.

These people are parasites who lead to lumps of coal in the stocking. Get them gone and start putting America First! We’ll support you when you start supporting us, Joe.