Joe Rogan Had Enough of CNN’s Lies and is Threatening to Sue

Joe Rogan is the most popular podcast host in the world; so when he came down with COVID, it made big news. That’s understandable, but what’s very awful is how the liberal media celebrated his sickness and mocked him.

Rogan has asked reasonable questions about the vaccine and COVID; in return, he’s an enemy of our liberal elites. They call him a conspiracy theorist and idiot. They also make up lies about him constantly.

CNN Lies About Rogan

After getting COVID, Rogan did everything he could to get better, including taking “ivermectin” and other drugs such as “prednisone.” Rogan also took things such as “Z-Pak” and a NAD drip, which boosts coenzyme production and is recommended by some for disease recovery.

He also took vitamins and did his best to recover. Ivermectin has an animal version and a human version. The animal version can be very dangerous to humans and shouldn’t be taken by them, obviously.

Rogan took the human version and it helped him recover. Nevertheless, CNN keeps claiming that Rogan is a fool who took horse dewormer. Now, Rogan has had enough and is threatening to sue.

CNN Says Rogan Believes in a ‘Crazy Jumble’ of COVID Treatments

It’s true that Rogan threw everything he could at the disease. That’s his right. Yet, according to CNN and fake experts they have on like Dr. Jonathan Reiner, Rogan believes in a “crazy jumble” of things about COVID, including “folk remedies.”

They said he’s promoting “nonsense” and is taking medications that have no proven impact on COVID-19. As Rogan said in his response, he’s not taking “horse dewormer” as CNN claims. He was prescribed ivermectin by his physician.

Ivermectin won the Nobel prize six years ago for human use, so it’s far from this random farm drug that people like CNN keep saying it is.

Rogan Got Better

As Rogan notes, CNN really underemphasized the important thing about all his supposedly crazy treatments: he got better. Yes, it’s true that Rogan is a funny guy and it may be hard to know exactly which treatment or natural recovery ended up with him beating COVID and coming out of it just fine.

Still, that doesn’t mean we can lie and say Rogan took horse dewormer. CNN constantly promotes the experimental vaccine, despite its low efficacy rate and bizarre side effects. Then, they immediately start lying and gaslighting.

Our liberal media needs to start facing consequences for its lies and distortions. If they know they can get away with this kind of stuff, they will keep doing it.

Rogan is a wealthy man thanks to his success and I genuinely hope he launches a lawsuit against CNN. They need to realize that when you lie and spread hate against people based on complete fabrications, it leads to losing huge chunks of money.

As for credibility, we all know CNN lost that long ago.