Josh Hawley Has a Warning for Biden About His SCOTUS Pick

With the announcement that liberal SCOTUS justice Stephen Breyer will retire, the race is on.

Joe Biden now has the chance to stack the court with a leftist of his choosing. He’s previously promised his SCOTUS pick will be a black woman.

Just like Kamala Harris, who was chosen for being a black woman and a Democrat extremist, Biden will be making his decision on what he thinks checks the right identity boxes.

America is now waiting to see who Biden puts up for SCOTUS. However, as the suspense builds, Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri has a warning for him.

Hawley’s Warning for Biden

Hawley has been a stalwart who’s stood up for the Constitution and America First.

A photo of him encouraging peaceful protesters on January 6 has been used as evidence by the left that he’s a “traitor” of some kind, but the truth is Hawley’s an American patriot and a brilliant mind.

He’s now warning Biden that if he tries to put a “woke activist” on the SCOTUS bench, the US Senate is going to do everything it can to stop that person.

As Hawley said, we’ve already got more than enough of the far left active in this country. They are fighting against parents’ rights to educate their kids; they are bolstering the FBI’s witch hunt against conservatives and opening our southern border to dangerous, random illegals.

As Hawley also pointed out, Biden’s “lawless” COVID vaccine mandates furthermore served as a warning sign of the kind of policy the authoritarian left wants to enact.

If Biden puts someone extreme on SCOTUS, Hawley will do whatever he can to block it, along with his conservative colleagues. At least we have this line of defense against Biden’s insane woke agenda.

The Left Brags

The left is giddy about the chance to put in a young, fresh, and far-left face in SCOTUS. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says whoever Biden picks is going to be “promptly” nominated with as much “speed” as possible.

It’s clear that the left and the Democrat Party think they’ve got this made. However, it won’t necessarily be as easy for them as they think; patriots remember what happened with the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh and many other conservative justices.

The Republican opposition to a far-left Biden nominee could get intense in the Senate. Biden should not be surprised if that includes huge protests, a lot of media attention, and some real pushback from right-wing voters at the polls.

The Bottom Line

Biden will likely try to push through a left-wing extremist on SCOTUS in the near future. He will then argue that anyone who opposes her is a racist misogynist.

Luckily, we have patriots like Josh Hawley who aren’t going to fall for this kind of bait-and-switch, race card stupidity.