Chicago Judge Takes Away Woman’s Kid Because She Doesn’t Have COVID Shot

Rebecca Firlit is a divorced woman from Chicago with an 11-year-old son. She shares the custody of her son with her ex-husband since their separation a number of years ago. Now her legal right to see her son has been stripped away by Judge James Shapiro of Cook County. His reason? Firlit doesn’t have her COVID shot and doesn’t want it.

Breaking Up Families For the Vaccine Mandate

Firlit said she misses her son immensely and that the situation has been “very difficult.” She is devastated. Custody rights were removed after Shapiro talked to her on a Zoom call about child support payments from her ex for their son.

Firlit and her husband share custody of their son and he spends time with each of them, but Shapiro was on a call to determine exactly what payments the dad owes Firlit. That’s when Shapiro came out and asked Firlit if she had her COVID shot.

She was honest and said no; she didn’t have it because she’s had extremely serious negative reactions to vaccines in the past. Shapiro was not interested and told her that her right to see her son was completely gone until she gets her COVID shot.

‘It’s Wrong’

Firlit is devastated over Shapiro’s extreme actions; she says “it’s wrong” and very bad for her son to never get to see his mom. She has talked to him online, but that’s it. Firlit has filed an appeal and notes that it’s very unfair to divide families because of a judge’s attempt to make her personal medical decisions.

Firlit’s lawyer is a woman called Annette Fernholz who is handling the appeal; she points out that Shapiro imposed his own views on Firlit without the father even bringing it up as a concern. This is medical tyranny.

As we see the government in various states also working to eliminate the religious exemption to vaccines, it’s obvious what’s coming. A society where refusal to get the COVID vaccine slowly backs you in a corner leaving you no options.

Future Precedent

This case sounds extreme now, and it remains to be seen what will happen with Firlit’s appeal. However, if Shapiro’s order is successful, this could become a precedent for future cases.

If America sees the law become simply a tool of globalists to enforce their agenda on the rest of us, it could erode any remaining trust in our institutions. This means that those who refuse to get their COVID shots could have every aspect of their lives torn apart, including even their relationship with their own children.

It sounds outlandish and impossible, but that’s how Chinese people would have felt in the 1920s if you told them that communists would overrun their entire country and seize control of its government three decades later.