Justin Trudeau vs. Donald Trump Exposes Liberal Media Hypocrisy

When he was in office, President Trump took more incoming than any leader in modern history. As he pointed out, the mainstream media was obsessed with attacking him and his administration.

They called him a fascist, Hitler, racist, and crazy. The liberal media said he would start World War III and destroy America’s Constitution.

Instead, Trump helped our economy reach heights it never had before. He avoided nuclear war with North Korea, built up our alliances even stronger, and stood for law and order in the middle of disastrous violent riots led by the Democrats and the left.

Now, we are dealing with a man who’s everything the liberal media said Trump was: Canadian leader Justin Trudeau. However, the media has an endless supply of excuses for Trudeau’s actual fascism.

Making Excuses for Trudeau

Trudeau declared martial law in Canada on February 14 because the ongoing freedom trucker convoy protests embarrassed him.

He just told Canadians they have no rights; the government will freeze their bank accounts and target whoever they want if they suspect them of supporting the peaceful trucker protests.

This is the kind of behavior that governments engaged in during the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, or Pol Pot’s Cambodia. It is fascist, dictatorial, and sets a precedent that leads to the worst horrors of history.

Canada’s state media CBC (Canada Broadcast Corporation) loves Trudeau. They openly support him and the far left in order to keep their funding high and continue spewing their insane globalist propaganda.

Although, Canada’s private media like CTV and Global, as well as liberal outlets like the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail, also have no end of excuses for Trudeau. The American mainstream media is too full of downplaying his dictator tendencies.

They spent years telling us Trump was the devil, but now that a liberal fascist is trying to turn our northern neighbor into a police state, all we hear are crickets.

The Corporate Media Hates Freedom

Let’s be clear: the corporate media and all their pawns hate freedom and they hate America. They were never against Trump because he was crazy or racist. They were against him because he genuinely loved America.

They are making excuses for Trudeau for a very simple reason as well. Trudeau is onboard with the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and the globalist ideology.

Trudeau doesn’t believe in national sovereignty, human rights, or freedom; this is why he’s a perfect poster boy for the world that Klaus Schwab and the WEF dream of.

That world is a place run by a centralized digital ID system in which everything you do, say, and spend is monitored and controlled.

Telling Canadians they can’t even control their own money is clearly a beta test for this new “safer” global world these psychopaths dream about.

The Bottom Line

Tell me again how Trump is the fascist? It’s exactly the opposite.