Kamala Harris On Her Way to Help California Governor Gavin Newsom

Vice President Kamala Harris is the worst VP in decades. She’s a walking natural disaster who ruins whatever she touches. On the illegal immigration crisis, Harris went to Mexico and Guatemala and somehow made things even worse. She accomplished nothing.

In Afghanistan, she’s dodged all responsibility, whining behind the scenes about not wanting our disastrous pullout to be linked to her. Harris is a liability. Nobody wants her around. Even Joe Biden probably regrets choosing her as his running mate by now.

However, some people still haven’t got the message, and one of them is equally as horrible: California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Harris Traveling to California to Campaign for Newsom

Newsom is basically a walking human herpes virus. There’s no cure for him, but with strong medicine, you can keep breakouts under control and make him go out of sight. He’s rude, aggressive, unintelligent, and corrupt.

To be honest, Newsom talks like an abusive husband who’s got a few restraining orders on him. Thankfully there’s a recall coming up Sept. 14 to boot this creepy progressive out of office and replace him with Larry Elder.

So now the only person who could rival Newsom in stupidity and awfulness is coming to help him out: Kamala Harris.

The Situation in California

California is obviously a left-leaning state. The fact of the matter, however, is that many Democrats are also turning against Newsom. He’s shackled the economy to awful lockdowns and cranked up house prices to the stratosphere by pushing ridiculous green energy regulations.

The pandemic has been used as an excuse by Newsom and many blue state governors to destroy small businesses and build up a loyal inner circle of big corporations and government insiders paid off by COVID relief money.

Now the bill is coming due…at least for Newsom. If the latest polling data is correct, then he’s not going to like what he finds on that bill because support for his recall is currently hovering slightly above 50%.

Other Folks Helping Out Newsom

In addition to Harris showing up to give speeches on Newsom’s behalf, he’s going to have Senator Elizabeth Warren there going on about his wonderful character. Warren is another major failure who couldn’t get more than a couple of people to vote for her in the last presidential election.

Warren also had a very bizarre appearance with her husband where she tried to drink a beer. These people are an absolute joke, so it’s no surprise that they’re going to show up to support their fellow clown Newsom.

Newsom also had people like socialist Senator Bernie Sanders singing his praises and warning against what will happen if he gets removed. Bernie is right: removing Newsom will be a big blow against socialism. Newsom deserves to be booted out with no apology.