Kamala Harris Just Exposed Her Insane Ignorance of Ukraine War

Vice President Kamala Harris was put in office for her skin tone and gender; she’s shown every day that she doesn’t belong anywhere near the White House.

Everything Joe Biden has assigned to her has gone horribly wrong. This goes from her embarrassing failure to improve our borders, to her cut and run ducking of responsibility for Afghanistan, COVID, or anything else we’re dealing with as a nation.

Sending Harris to Ukraine was also a mistake; some even believe watching her performance is part of what tipped the scales and made Russia’s Vladimir Putin decide to invade.

This lady is not a serious leader. This lady doesn’t belong anywhere near executive power or high-stakes diplomacy.

Harris Shows Her Ignorance of Ukraine

Part of the reason Harris is such a disaster is simply that she doesn’t have international experience or knowledge.

In a recent interview, she showed just how poor her knowledge is, sounding like a dropout beauty pageant contestant when the host asked her to weigh in on Putin’s assault on Ukraine.

The host asked Harris to explain in “layman’s terms” about what’s going on in Ukraine. He wanted Harris to tell normal Americans why this is important and its potential consequences.

Her bizarre answer sounded like it came from someone with brain damage and gave zero helpful or insightful information.

Harris just said it’s “basically wrong” that a bigger and powerful “European” country like Russia decided to invade a smaller and weaker one called Ukraine.

Everybody already knows this, obviously. The question was to give people some insight beyond a kindergarten-level coloring book about what’s going on and why.

Conservatives Point Out Harris’ Dumb Answer

Leading conservatives noted Harris’ very basic answer was not actually helpful in any way. Seth Mandel of the Washington Examiner said it was “terrifying,” while other conservatives noted these kinds of elites are the ones we deserve.

One reporter by the name of Chris White pointed out we’re on the brink of a “hot nuke war” and this kind of stupid explanation is basically a non-answer.

Former View Host and John McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain, said Harris’ response sounded like the words of a teen girl. That sounds accurate; although I wouldn’t say teen girls need to be insulted in such a way.

Those who have worked for Harris have almost all quit in resignation after resignation. They headed for the exit doors, instead of dealing with her bullying and ignorance.

The problem is on the international stage, Harris’ behavior and arrogant ignorance are causing our nation serious crises and making the Ukraine war even worse.

The Bottom Line

Harris should resign. She doesn’t belong as VP; she’s putting our nation and Ukraine in even more danger than we currently are.

This isn’t the time for amateurs.