Kamala Harris Publicly Embarrasses Herself in Worst Way Possible

Kamala Harris is the worst vice president in US history. Few serious political observers would deny that at this point.

She’s single-handedly dragging down Democrat approval numbers across the board and almost no day goes by when she doesn’t humiliate herself or her party. The latest example came during a speech.

What Happened to Harris?

Speaking recently to ramp up support for the socialist Build Back Better agenda, Harris made a complete jackass of herself.

Harris has been caught on camera various times putting on bizarre fake performances, such as when she talked with a bunch of kid actors about going to the moon.

It was supposed to look inspiring, but it just looked ridiculous. During this latest speech, Harris went off on a rant speaking to supporters to rally up backing for Build Back Better.

The agenda is in peril because people like Democrat Senator Joe Manchin don’t support it enough and it might not pass. Harris was going on about how supposedly moral and amazing the Democrat Party is.

Then, she lost track of what she was saying and started clacking on about crazy things. While going on before the Democratic National Convention crowd, Harris started to say how the Democrats stand behind everything.

From this point, people started to laugh out loud all over the internet, mocking Harris’ empty rhetoric…

What Fresh Hell is This?

As we keep hearing about the omicron variant and how everything has to be shut down, Harris was crowing on to the DNC about her party and its supposed values.

Apparently, it’s fine if the Democrat Party has big celebrations of their “values” while the rest of us can’t even celebrate Christmas.

Numerous conservatives and other people with common sense mocked Harris’ “stand for” comments, due to how silly they were. Conservatives then noted what she really stands for is illegals voting and election fraud.

This woman is a poor excuse for a human being and she’s dragging our country downhill fast. She wants to list off as many “identities” and groups as she can to score cheap votes, but the number of people who still buy this crock is getting smaller by the day.

When Will Harris Go Away?

There’s been speculation the Biden regime would drop Harris as vice president, but that still hasn’t had new developments. Since that time, she’s also made headlines for the toxic office environment her staffers report at work.

More and more staff have been quitting for bizarre reasons, leaving Harris in the dust. What will she do when nobody is left on her team?

Harris made such a fool of herself that we’ll be lucky to see her in public ever again. Then again, she really has no shame, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when she pops up again with more empty words and slogans.