Kamala Harris is Having a Huge New Problem

Kamala Harris was supposed to be the next big star of the Democrat Party. When she ran for president in 2020, the media gave her endless free publicity and hype. The problem was voters really didn’t like her.

This was similar to her problem throughout her political career; she was smart, sure, but she was also highly toxic and widely disliked. This continued as she angled for more and more power, eventually sliding her way into the vice presidential slot with Joe Biden, thanks to her gender and color.

Now, Kamala is in big trouble, nevertheless. It’s not just the rumors Biden is thinking about dropping her as vice president. This is even worse.

Kamala’s Big Problem

The big problem Kamala is having now is her staff is quitting on her. Earlier this summer, there were reports Kamala’s employees weren’t happy with how she ran things.

She responded with a party at her house and some ridiculous photo ops. The vice president also insulted everyone who said things weren’t good by saying they were “cowardly” liars.

Kamala said she was sick of hearing people complain anonymously to the media about working for her. She admitted things weren’t always easy working in the VP’s office.

However, she finds it absurd that people complained about it since that’s the reality of working in high political office. Now, her leading staffer Symone Sanders is quitting, as well as communications leader Ashley Etienne and two more senior staffers.

They did all they could to make Kamala look good, but now they’re done. Trust me, you don’t quit a job that good without a great reason.

Why Are They Quitting?

Sanders says she wants a break and it’s no specific problem. That’s a diplomatic way to put it, but the fact is you can take a break without quitting.

There’s a reason Kamala goes through staff so fast throughout her career; she’s a toxic witch who humiliates and curses at staff when they don’t read her mind. It isn’t just that she’s demanding; that can be good.

It’s that she’s degrading and abusive, as former employee Gil Duran talked about to the media, calling Kamala “destructive.” Of course, Kamala can say these types of criticisms are just bitter former employees taking out their anger because they weren’t good enough.

However, when enough patterns emerge, you have to start looking for a grain of truth. Now, the grain of truth is that Kamala is clearly a bad boss of the worst kind.

This Shouldn’t Come as a Surprise

Of course, none of this should come as a surprise. Kamala’s way of speaking even to the American people is degrading and sarcastic.

She is an out-of-touch, ill-mannered individual who should never have been selected for the second most powerful position in our country.