Kari Lake in Arizona Shows the Power of the America First Movement

Kari Lake is a name you’ve probably heard a few times now. She’s running for governor of the great state of Arizona and she’s built a massive amount of momentum.

Lake looks very set to win the upcoming midterms; she’s showing the power of the America First movement for all to see.

Despite far left media attempts to sabotage her reputation and accuse her of all sorts of lies, Lake is surging. Here’s why and here’s what it means for patriots and regaining power…

The Kari Lake Story

Kari Lake loves America, she speaks her mind, and she knows how to get a crowd going.

The lady she’s running against for governor is someone by the name of Katie Hobbs. Hobbs is a professional and has all the right things on her resume, but just doesn’t get people excited.

Lake has passion. Lake has grit. She comes from the world of television and is well known from being on TV in the Phoenix area for years.

Hobbs has focused on abortion and all the far left positions that she believes will scare people away from pro-life Lake, but it’s not really working.

Lake is popular in Arizona; there’s little doubt she’s going to be the next governor. She’s not afraid to criticize Hobbs and point out how Hobbs is nothing but a Democrat pawn.

Masters and Lake

Taking into account Blake Masters and his run for Arizona Senate for the GOP, the Grand Canyon state is a good picture of the future of the MAGA movement.

It’s a movement with a ton of potential and strength behind it. The key is to believe in the vision for a stronger, more secure and peaceful America that’s prosperous and free, with secure borders.

Hobbs won’t even debate Lake and called her a conspiracy theorist and all sorts of other mudslinging.

Her motivation is obvious: she’s losing badly and she wants to scare voters away from Lake and her populist conservative message.

Hobbs’ strategy isn’t working. Arizonans are loving Lake and she’s leading the polls by 53% to 42% for Hobbs.

These are not the numbers any respectable candidate would want, even in a red state like Arizona, and Hobbs knows it.

The Bottom Line

Lake deserves to be the next governor of Arizona; her success should serve as a playbook for future conservative champions.

The MAGA movement needs to get very serious about winning. Take the media attacks and the propaganda as a given. It’s going to happen either way.

Take a look at Lake’s attitude here: she’s not playing the victim or complaining. She’s on the offense, mocking Hobbs for not debating her and making patriotic promises to voters instead of being all weepy-eyed.

This is no longer about looking good or being popular with CNN. This is about winning.