Kentucky Takes Step in the Right Direction by Lifting School Mask Mandates

Kentucky has taken one step back to reclaiming its freedom. The Bluegrass State recently passed a law getting rid of school mask mandates, despite attempts from their Democrat governor to strike it down.

Technically, this bill just gives back freedom to school districts to decide what to do for themselves. If they want to make students wear masks, fine. If not, fine, but now, the statewide mandate requiring students to mask up across the state is gone.

Kentucky’s Democrat Governor Furious At Mask Mandate Being Lifted

Kentucky is a great state full of patriotic Americans and hardworking folks. Unfortunately, it is currently ruled by a Democrat: a man by the name of Andy Beshear.

Beshear has an awful record on almost every issue and he has been furious about the mask mandate being lifted. Beshear is hyping up a supposed rise in COVID cases in the state and led a special session on what to do.

That’s when he got blindsided by what he never expected: freedom. As Biden pushes his new vaccine mandate on businesses with over 100 employees and threatens the private sector, we’re in dangerous times.

Biden has even said governors who don’t go along with the vaccines will be forced and pressured to do so. Beshear is a big supporter of the vaccine mandate and Democrat bio-fascism; yet, the idea of letting schools decide what to do about masks is too much for him to stomach, apparently.

Liberals Cry About Masks

During the debate over lifting Kentucky’s mask mandate, liberals went all out, with Democrat State Senator Reggie Thomas saying that lifting the mandate would kill people.

He said not wearing masks puts everyone at “severe risk.” It would be interesting to see where liberals like Thomas get their facts, considering cloth and basic masks say right on the boxes they won’t stop viruses and they do almost nothing to stop the spread or infection of COVID.

In any case, as state Congressman John Blanton remarked, this still gives schools the option to require masks if they want. It just removes the unconstitutional burden forcing them to do what some liberal in Kentucky’s capital of Frankfort thinks is best.

Beshear disagrees, noting the dwindling amount of intensive care beds open in the state and saying that he’s even sending the National Guard to help out at some hospitals.

The Future of Freedom

As we’ve seen in states like Florida, Texas and now Kentucky, freedom has to be reclaimed piece by piece. It can’t just be taken for granted or assumed that things will somehow work out.

Unless patriots and brave Americans stand up and take a stand, they will continue to get overrun by this medical tyranny that’s harming our nation.