Key Primary Battles Going On Today Across the Country

There are a number of crucial primary battles going on today. The schedule of the midterms is full of important days, but there is no other date as crucial as today, May 17.

This will be a test of wills to see who prevails, especially with Trump’s recent endorsement of Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania, along with primary battles going on across the country from North Carolina to Kentucky and Oregon to Idaho.

Here’s what we’re watching at Statesman Post…

The Primary Lineup

Today’s primary votes will take place in Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. These races are anything but a sure thing. They remain unsure up to the last moment. 

There will be a lot of drama today. That includes the desperate battle by RINOs and the left to get rid of Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn.

He has been rocked by multiple scandals in the past weeks and accused of having a gay affair with his cousin; although there’s no hard proof of that.

Cawthorn says there is a plot against him because he stands for America First and won’t fold to the Washington machine.

Dozens of more races are up for grabs that will give us a strong forecast of how strong the America First remains after Trump.

Eyes on Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, in particular, is one race to keep our eyes on, with Trump endorsing Doug Mastriano for state governor and Dr. Mehmet Oz for the Senate.

Mastriano has consistently upheld that the 2020 election was stolen, while Oz is considered more of a RINO. It upset some in the base that Trump is backing him instead of America First patriot Kathy Barnette.

This drama is heating up quite a bit. Barnette has even said she won’t be voting for “globalists” like Oz or anyone else for Senate if she doesn’t win the primary.

This is a defining moment for the Republican Party. Pennsylvania is a perfect example, with rich insider David McCormick facing off against Barnette and Oz.

The party is basically divided on what happens if Barnette wins and sinks the Republicans down the road when facing Democrats later this year in the midterms.

Others are also concerned that Mastriano is too extreme and will sink Republican fortunes if he’s the candidate for governor.

Primary Drama

It remains to be seen what happens today and how these races go across the country.

One thing we can be sure of is if America First candidates win, the media will be sure to let the story fade out rapidly.

However, if the globalist candidates win, we are going to be hearing a lot about how America First is dead and how the Republican Party is “shifting” into a new and more “open” format.

What do readers think of the primary? What about Dr. Oz?