Kyle Rittenhouse’s Mom Accuses Biden of Doing Something Horrible to Her Son

Kyle Rittenhouse killed two people and injured another last year when he was only 17. It happened in the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin during intense riots with BLM and Antifa.

The violence was being cheered on by the liberal media and Joe Biden, as well as Kamala Harris, who even tweeted support for a bail fund for BLM criminals who wanted to post bail.

Rittenhouse is on trial now for murder and even though he’s likely to be acquitted, none of this ever should have happened. He was clearly acting in self-defense.

Now, Rittenhouse’s mom, Wendy, is speaking out. She reserved especially harsh words for Joe Biden over the horrible lies he’s told about her son.

Let’s Be Clear About One Thing

The idea Rittenhouse is a “white supremacist” is an absurd lie. He didn’t go to Kenosha for racial reasons; he went because he wanted to stop violent white Antifa and BLM idiots from burning down America.

Earlier in the day, you could see Rittenhouse scrubbing graffiti threatening police with death threats and other insanity. This school is one of the least white schools in the entire state of Wisconsin, but Rittenhouse volunteered his time and energy to clean it up.

He wasn’t in Kenosha to hate on a certain race; he was there to keep the streets safe.

Yet Biden, who lies about as much as he talks, implied Rittenhouse was somehow a racist when he retweeted this accusation while running for president in the fall of 2020.

Biden retweeted out a video with this accusation, which enraged Wendy. She admitted she was “shocked,” as well as “angry,” that Biden was trafficking in this kind of sick behavior. As Wendy said, Biden “defamed” Kyle by lying in this way.

Time for the Lies to Stop

The media tried to accuse Rittenhouse of being a white supremacist in 2020 in order to accuse Trump of being racist. They truly have no shame. They are doing their best to ruin a good family in order to try to satisfy the horrible extremism of BLM and Antifa.

It’s too insane to be believed. With closing arguments coming up on Monday, it’s time to get real about what’s going on with the Rittenhouse trial.

The prosecution has completely blown their argument that Rittenhouse intentionally went to kill people and then took his chance when he saw it. That’s because every single fact points to this not being the case.

The Bottom Line

Rittenhouse is clearly innocent and everyone can see it.

We deserve to live in a country where our own president doesn’t repeat slanderous lies about an ongoing legal case. We deserve to live in a country where the vice president doesn’t start a bail fund for violent anarchists and race hustlers.