LA Police Beat the Tar Out of Antifa Troublemakers

Los Angeles police have had enough of Antifa thugs and they showed it recently in a big clash with these black-clad buffoons. The confrontation took place next to a place called the Wi Spa.

Why Wi Spa?

The reason this place has become a center of controversy is simple: a transgender man got naked in the female locker room at the spa and it caused a commotion. That’s probably because when you’re a man who thinks you’re a woman…you’re still a man.

Moreover, getting naked in front of other women might make them uncomfortable. That’s exactly what happened, with a woman saying it made her scared. 

Building on that controversy, a bunch of Antifa basement dwellers swarmed the area to protest for “trans” issues. They started getting rough with police, throwing smoke bombs and other things at them. In return, Antifa got a mouthful of baton. 

Not This Time, Antifa!

Antifa went into this confrontation expecting a soft treatment like usual. They wanted to do their usual thing of spitting at and assaulting police and then brag about it to their scum friends on social media. Although, this time it didn’t work. 

They shot silly string and tossed smoke bombs and spit like animals, but cops didn’t take it. Police swung their batons and took these suckers down. 

One useless hag trying to get in cops’ face got shot with a rubber bullet in the stomach; meanwhile, her feral comrades went ballistic. Well, if you claim cops are such monsters, why should you be surprised when one responds to your abuse with an impact projectile?

It’s a glorious thing to see these liberal scum writhing around on the ground. These disgusting worms also left knives, pepper spray, stun guns and all sorts of other weapons lying around once they fled. 

Maybe next time they’ll be a little more cautious before they try to violently attack law enforcement and spread their communist gender propaganda somewhere again. 

Hey Antifa: the Free Ride is Over

California is a blue state and LA is about as liberal as they come. However, the fact that cops were allowed to respond to Antifa’s violence with a strong response is very encouraging. 

In places like Portland, these hooded hoodlums try to burn down the courthouse every second night and get in the face of law enforcement with abuse and physical provocation. 

They got what was coming for them in LA and every patriot can’t help but crack a smile watching the beatdown. Does that make me a bad person? If so, fine. At least I’m being honest. 

Antifa needs to go away and disappear. It’s a bunch of spoiled trust fund college kids who want to take out their issues on our society. They need to grow up and get a job. Or better yet, move to Cuba