Large Amount of New Laws Set To Hit California Residents

The state of California used to define the American dream. Even the San Francisco 49ers football team is named after the year 1849 when the peak of the gold rush hit the Sunshine State.

Yet, in the years since those early days, California has taken a sharp turn to the left. In the past decade alone, it’s become a crime and drug-infested wasteland, particularly in the major cities.

Even the remaining beautiful parts of the state are full of such high taxes and costs that many are leaving for states like Texas.

Though now residents are getting even worse news from far left Governor Gavin Newsom: a long list of new laws designed to hit them in the new year. These are all supposedly being done to help Californians have a better life.

What Are the New Laws?

The new laws cover a range of issues and legal areas, so let’s take a look.¬†Firstly, with regards to abortion, California is protecting the legal right to an abortion, allowing women to get an abortion up to 24 weeks into the pregnancy.

Women won’t be prosecuted even if they end the pregnancy themselves and stillbirths won’t be investigated as possible self-administered abortions.

For bereavement, employees get a minimum of five days paid leave from a company if someone close to them dies.

There are also new laws for bikers that protect them, requiring drivers to change lanes away from a biker and letting you bike around wherever you want in cities regardless of their municipal laws.

This kind of sounds like a recipe for danger, but I’m sure Newsom knows best.

Laws Impacting Criminals

California will require criminal records to be given to schools and vulnerable sector jobs so they can stay safe. Criminal records will have to be disclosed and revealed.

However, there is an exception for pedophiles and sex offenders, who are allowed to keep their records private. Yes, seriously.

Serious and violent criminals will also have the option to seal their records, meaning that basically, only non-serious criminals will be identifiable.

There will also be laws affecting drivers including not allowing the DMV to suspend licenses if you fail to appear in a driving or traffic crime. So, there will be a lot more dangerous and reckless drivers who shouldn’t be on the roads buzzing around.

Always good to know, right?¬†There will also be a new system specifically for letting authorities and the public all know when a Native American Californian has gone missing called a “Feather Alert.”

Why are Native American lives worth more than the lives of black or white Californians? Ask Newsom!

The Bottom Line

California is officially a very left-wing state that is pushing a very specific point of view and way of life. If you don’t like it, you’re best off seeking another place to live with a bit less of an ideology being pushed on you.