High-Ranking Veterans Demand Resignation of Biden’s Anti-American Woke Generals

A group of retired high-ranking military officials has written a letter, demanding the resignation of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs head Mark Milley. The flag officers pointed out the horrible failure of leadership displayed by the Biden administration, in particular Milley and Austin.

Austin has been busy kicking people out of the military for being Trump supporters; meanwhile, Milley was ranting about “white rage” and critical race theory when he should have been figuring out how to win a war.

These men are abysmal, anti-American failures, and the group of around 90 flag officers took them to task and issued a simple demand: quit. 


Ferocious Letter Demands Austin and Milley Step Down

The letter says Milley and Austin must step down due to their “negligence.” In particular, it references their failure to successfully coordinate the pullout from Afghanistan. President Trump had a strong plan for pulling out, including fallback options and severe punishment for the Taliban if they broke their word.

Biden and his regime had no plan; they just yanked our military out, stranding thousands of Americans behind enemy lines and relying on the mercy of terrorists to let us leave. The letter from these flag officers talks about this betrayal of the approximately 15,000 Americans left behind, of whom hundreds still remain and will not be rescued.

America’s last evacuation flight left Afghanistan on Monday. If you couldn’t make it to the airport to leave, tough luck, the Pentagon says.

What Austin and Milley Should Have Done

Austin and Milley are our top military men. When they heard Biden planned to yank our troops and close Bagram airbase (and pull out without a fallback plan), they should have warned Biden this was a terrible idea.

Failure to do that means they “should resign,” according to the letter. If they did everything to warn and tell Biden about his bad decision and he still did it, they should still resign in solidarity with those we let down and the betrayal of our troops.

In other words, regardless of the reason, Milley and Austin failed and they need to go. As the letter notes, many of those who worked with us in Afghanistan have now been caught, tortured, and killed by the Taliban.

The letter calls this an awful “human tragedy”; it also observes that the massive loss of our military gear, vehicles, and weapons is completely unacceptable. Biden, Austin, and Milley own this loss in every way.

Who Benefits from Our Failure in Afghanistan?

As the letter notes, China, Pakistan and other American enemies are the main people who benefit from this Taliban takeover and our withdrawal. Most Americans agree we should have left, but not like this, and not without first testing the Afghan army completely and leaving many fallback options in place.

I agree completely that Austin and Milley need to go. While we’re at it, Biden and Kamala can also head for the exit. We’d all breathe a huge sigh of relief to see those traitors go.