Lauren Boebert Tells Pelosi She Was Fired for a Reason

House Representative Lauren Boebert managed to draw a lot of attention to herself earlier this week when she told soon-to-be-gone House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that the American people fired her for a good reason.

While addressing Pelosi, Boebert said the Americans have spoken and in firing her, they’ve chosen to end the one-party rule that Democrats imposed on our government years ago.

Time to face the music, Nancy

Boebert also announced the ushering in of a new era for the House of Representatives, as the GOP is set to take control in January, having won the majority vote in this year’s midterm elections.

In what seemed to be a shot fired directly at Pelosi, the Colorado representative went on to claim the days of Nancy Pelosi treating the chamber as her own house, rather than the house of the people are over.

Boebert added that Americans will once again be allowed to enter.

It’s certainly true that Republicans made a plethora of promises during their campaigns for the midterm elections. If all goes well, they’re more than likely to deliver on the majority of them; the one to start with would be tackling Biden’s wasteful policies.

The 118th Congress will finally have the power to stand up to Biden and his out-of-touch projects. The sooner they get to it, the better, seeing as we’re going to be two years deep into a high inflation climate with no end in sight.

GOP House gets to work in January

The first step to getting the US back on track is defunding the 87,000 IRS agents that Biden added to the agency.

This is a move that was bound to do little when it comes to taxing the elites, to begin with, and would only bring about more tax audits for the lower class.

Next up on the menu would be attaining energy independence, something the US is perfectly capable of and would allow us to drag ourselves out of this economic slump somewhat.

Finally, there’s the Biden family’s prodigal son, who’s managed to walk away unscathed from every major scandal he found himself in; daddy Biden is at least 10% compromised by the looks of things.

Other less notable changes coming are the reinstating of service members who were let off after vaccine mandates and reducing government overspending, as well as securing the southern border.

If the Republican House doesn’t deliver on these promises, things are going to start falling apart really fast; so it’s only a matter of time until we see how much more competent the chamber will be now that the GOP has the majority.

With the House out of the way, the next thing to aim for is Senate and finally the White House in 2024. Biden is slated to lose his reelection bid and that’s if he even decides to run for office again.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.