Lawsuit Against Biden for Anti-White Racism is Moving Forward

Joe Biden by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Is there anything sadder than a person who hates their own heritage?

Decades ago, Joe Biden seemed like he might have been a man with good intentions. He was a self-styled blue collar Democrat who cared about working people and loved America.

Now, he’s the puppet leader of an anti-American psychological warfare regime that appears to genuinely want to collapse the United States. 

Now, he’s at the head of a ship of state that’s seriously pursuing openly racist policies against people based on race, encouraging division and hate in this great nation. 

It’s sad to see. 

Yet, one note of hope is that the courts are beginning to turn against Biden’s illegal and discriminatory actions. 

Coyote Run Farm – Lacona, IA – November 23, 2019 by Biden For President is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Progress in Lawsuit by White Farmers Against Biden

Biden has been authorizing a $4 billion rescue program for farmers across the country who were impacted by COVID. The catch? It’s not for white farmers. 

This blatant racial discrimination caused a group of white farmers to file a lawsuit against the Biden administration. The lawsuit has now succeeded after Wisconsin federal Judge William Griesbach required that the Biden administration immediately put the program on hold. 

Griesbach’s ruling said that the case is “likely to succeed.” The ruling also noted that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has pursued “race-based criteria” to run the relief programs that which violated equal protection rights under the law.

Griesbach continued that “the obvious response” to this kind of illegal discrimination is ordering it to come to an immediate halt.

The USDA says Griesbach doesn’t know what he’s talking about and they will maintain a forceful defense of the program and deliver for folks deemed as socially disadvantaged. 

Interesting! White people can’t be “socially disadvantaged?”

USDA Vows to Restart Program 

Griesbach’s pause on the program won’t last forever; it’s still pending until a final decision in the lawsuit occurs. The USDA says it is ready to restart giving money to non-white farmers as soon as that happens. 

The program is part of Biden’s so-called “American Rescue Plan.” It directs the $4 billion to farmers who are struggling as long as they are Native American, Asian, Hispanic or Black. 

The lawsuit against the Biden administration’s USDA is from 12 white farmers who come from nine various states; they believe that the program is against their rights under the Constitution.

For his part, Biden administration USDA Head Tom Vilsack says that programs like this are justified if you go back several decades when producers with social disadvantages suffered discrimination from the USDA.

In addition, Vilsack says that white farmers already got enough money under the COVID payments previously given out.