Leading Left-Wing Scholar Has a Ridiculous New Idea for How to Fight Racism

Ibram X. Kendi is a leading left-wing “anti-racist.” He believes in teaching critical race theory and has made waves in the past for blatant racism against white people. 

He’s one of the favorite figures on the left and white liberals especially enjoy interviewing and praising him as if he’s some kind of genius. Kendi, meanwhile, is happy to take their money and worship while he sits spewing ridiculous, hate-filled ideas in the country he claims is so evil. 

His latest idea is so silly it’s hard to take seriously, but we need to take a look at it in order to see what the far left is prepping for in this nation. 

What Does Kendi Believe?

Kendi was interviewed by liberal lunatic Ezra Klein for the New York Times about his book. It’s important to understand what Kendi believes before getting into his new idea for fighting racism.

Kendi believes in equality of outcomes. In other words, your thoughts, feelings, or beliefs about a race don’t matter; all that matters is that statistical and data-driven outcomes are made more equal for different races. 

If you’re part of a white system that holds black people down, you are racist by his definition. Even if you love Black people you are racist. That’s seriously what he believes.

Does anyone here seriously believe Kendi would be so passionate if white folks were generally on the bottom of the spectrum and black folks had more wealth and prestige? Come on…

Kendi Wants a New Government, Department of Racism

Anyway, in his recent interview with Klein, Kendi put forward the idea of basically a government office of racism. He wants it like the Congressional Budget Office, but instead of lining up bills with financial things, it would line them up with a racism score. 

Is this bill racist? Let’s go ask the woke undergrads at the Office of Racial Equity. According to Kendi, creating a kind of office like this would help us all “live our best lives” and truly understand the racial impact of different policies. 

Kendi also said looking at things this way would bring people “together” when folks from all different ethnicities see how bills can be balanced out to be in everyone’s interest. 

Kendi specified that this would include looking at bills that hurt the white community and changing them to be better. 

Why the Race Obsession?

Congressional budget discussions already get heated all the time. Adding race in would just make it worse. On top of that, what is with the race obsession?

Why can’t we just move forward on policies which have a positive impact across the board, instead of dividing Americans up by skin tone and demographics?

Have we still not outgrown this juvenile and sad mentality?