Leading Leftist Admits She Was Wrong About January 6

Doctor Naomi Wolf is a leading leftist. She’s been a liberal her whole life and has never pretended to be anything other than that. Yet, Wolf has one big difference from many other prominent leftists: she cares about what’s true.

During COVID, this led to her advancing a very different view of what was going on, questioning the lockdowns and the official narratives around masks and vaccines.

Now, Wolf is going deeper, admitting that media propaganda also hoodwinked her regarding January 6.

Dear Conservatives, I’m Sorry…

In a recent Substack post, Wolf opened up about how wrong she has been on January 6. She says she believed too much in the liberal media and its version of events, instead of researching the real facts herself.

She says the footage shown by Tucker Carlson made her realize how completely false the official story was on J6 and it prompted her to officially apologize. This wasn’t a violent “insurrection” or some deeply-planned domestic insurgency operation.

This was a crowd of angry conservatives who were set up and embroiled in a political firestorm, then used as pawns by Soviet-style mainstream media.

The fact that Capitol police were told to stand down by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for example, is not a “conspiracy theory,” but is an actual matter that needs to be investigated, as Wolf pointed out.

What Actually Happened?

On January 6, 2021, we know there was a large rally on Capitol Hill. We know President Trump spoke to the crowd and told them to make their voices heard about the 2020 election.

He claimed it had been rigged and stolen from him. The crowd was angry and fired up. The majority of the massive crowd went and got lunch or walked around and talked to each other.

However, several thousand, including a number of now-known federal informants, entered the Capitol building. The majority walked around taking selfies or shouting insults at police and threats about Mike Pence or the Democrats.

A few tried to smash windows, assault police, or threaten to kill politicians they didn’t like. No weapons were brandished or drawn except by anti-Trump forces, including a security guard for Mike Pence who shot dead pro-Trump protester Ashli Babbitt in the hallway.

We know Trump never called for violence and later specifically told protesters to not break the law and to go home.

Footage released recently by Tucker Carlson shows without a doubt that the leftist narrative was not only false, but grossly and criminally misleading.

The Bottom Line

January 6 is still being used to lock up Americans and create a police state by the Biden regime. We’d all love to stop obsessing about it, but the Democrats still won’t let it go.

For that reason, J6 needs to keep being a subject of conversation as we disprove the far left’s false lies about what happened and why.