Leading mRNA Scientist Dr. Robert Malone Issues Chilling Warning About COVID Hysteria

Dr. Robert Malone is one of the pioneers of mRNA technology and healthcare.

Messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) is a type of molecule that pairs up with our DNA and helps it make proteins to fight off viruses and diseases.

It’s been a key part of the technology used in COVID vaccines by giant companies like Pfizer; although critics say their use of mRNA has been risky and not well thought out.

For his part, Malone has now issued a very stern warning about what is going on with the global response to COVID.

He recently appeared on the popular Joe Rogan podcast for an interview, which has since been taken down from YouTube.

Malone Warns About Government Fascism

Speaking to Rogan, Malone said the US is having a “mass psychosis” event, due to government propaganda. He also said the CDC and government lost “control” and are causing enormous damage with their unconstitutional, unethical responses to COVID.

Warning about how governments are breaking every law of medical ethics he learned in medical school, Malone said he’s deeply concerned about the future of the country.

Malone got booted off Twitter around one week ago, despite being one of the main innovators of mRNA technology and a leading medical researcher of the highest degree.

His expertise is actually a threat to our big tech censors and globalist government, which is why they want him silenced. The interview with Rogan was quickly taken off YouTube as well, which is only causing it to grow in popularity.

People want answers. Joe Rogan’s show is giving them more answers and more research material than a month of regular propaganda news.

COVID Mandates are a War Crime

As Malone pointed out, the Nuremberg Code is against medical experimentation. The horrors of the Holocaust against innocent Jewish civilians in World War Two caused the world to stand up and say never again.

Now, we see human experimentation is happening once again, along with medical segregation and illegal rulings that prevent people from travel and other basic freedom of movement and association.

As Malone said, mass formation psychosis is where people get so afraid they basically start supporting insane and horrible things. Many psychologists believe this is what happened in 1920s Germany when people began to support the Nazis.

Economic collapse and fear of diseases, communism, and war led many ordinary Germans to begin supporting extreme, illogical ideas that led to mass murder and world war.

Malone says we’re now falling into a similar pattern and if we’re not careful, we may become the unwitting pawns of the globalist Great Reset agenda.

An Anxious Society on the Abyss

The Malone interview will be upsetting to some readers. It’s not for the faint of heart. As he says, we have been “hypnotized” and are at the edge of an abyss.

Our lonely and anxious society is poised on collapse; that’s what has allowed these psychopathic globalists to get so far with their lies.

God bless Dr. Malone for speaking up. America needs to wake the hell up.