Leftist California Teacher Gets Called Out for Trying to Brainwash Kids

California is sliding off into full leftist insanity; nowhere is that more true than its classrooms. Woke teachers try to force crazy Marxist doctrine into the minds of young children, even teaching them that their gender isn’t real.

Now, one California teacher is under investigation. This happened after she posted videos on the popular sharing app TikTok in which she insults and makes fun of the US flag.

Later, she begins saying she gets her kids to say a Pledge of Allegiance to the gay pride flag instead. The American flag, by contrast, makes her “uncomfortable” the teacher says.

Called Out Online

The teacher has gone viral, thanks in part to a Twitter user called Libs of TikTok. Libs of TikTok takes videos from TikTok of leftists who have gone way overboard and reposts them on Twitter so that Twitter users can see how insane things are getting.

Half the time, Libs of TikTok is young people talking about their weird, made-up gender; although, other times, it’s people going on about their hate of America and high-minded principles.

This teacher has really rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, however, because of her extreme arrogance and the joy she takes in trying to brainwash children. The video below shows this teacher’s immature, pathetic rant.

Meet Kristin Pitzen

The teacher in this video is a young lady by the name of Kristin Pitzen. She teaches at a school in California’s wealthy Orange County. Pitzen is obsessed with gay pride and LGBT issues. As you can see in the video, she even has the more “advanced” LGBT flag with brown and black for LGBT minorities.

She’s posted a lot on TikTok about gay issues and even made one dressed in rainbow suspenders where she “pledges allegiance” to the “queers.” She is one of the millions of millennials who get their identity and sense of purpose from obsessing about where people stick their genitals and thinking it’s related to human rights.

She’s a liberal and an idiot, in other words (but I repeat myself). Pitzen’s school says they are looking into these videos and the “incident.” They also claim that the disrespect shown to the nation’s flag does concern them. The school says they do take this “seriously” and won’t just let it be swept under the rug.

Pitzen Deletes Her TikTok

After she went viral for her pathetic rant, Pitzen did what liberal cowards do when faced with their actions. She deleted her account and tried to hide. It’s so sad that her nice pronouns of “She/They” and her listing as “Bi” are now erased and nobody can bask in all that social justice.

People like this are harmful to everyone (including the gay community) because their disrespect for America, immaturity, and stupidity makes everyone angry.