Leftist California University Professor Has Been Setting Forest Fires

If you had the sad experience of attending college in a liberal state, then you know just how bad it can be. Cultural Marxism is pushed down your throat by sneering liberal professors who think they’re some kind of genius.

California is about as blue as it comes, and they’ve been having a really bad time with wildfires. We’re told it’s all climate change and that we have to stop driving or eating steak if we want to stop the destruction.

Although, now there’s a bit of a plot twist: a professor at Sonoma State University is accused of intentionally starting forest fires in the north of the state.

Who is the Nutty Professor?

The arsonist professor is a 47-year-old man called Gary Maynard. He’s allegedly been going to set fires near the large Dixie Fire in the north of the state. Maynard was arrested over the weekend and is in jail with no option for bail.

He was caught red-handed lighting a fire in the countryside of northern California. Maynard teaches part time at Sonoma in criminal justice, although he wasn’t onboard to teach this year.

The way that investigators caught Maynard was by following him from the scene of the crime and putting a tracking device on his vehicle. According to the charges, Maynard has set a “series” of forest fires in the past few weeks.

Why Did Maynard Burn Down the Forests?

Investigators say that Maynard appears to have serious mental health issues. In fact, a previous coworker at another university Maynard taught at even called the police because Maynard let her know that he had “split personality” as well as serious depression and anxiety.

He told her he was suicidal and was living in his car. She was alarmed and called police, although nothing was done. Another crazy and dangerous professor teaching at another liberal college: sounds about right.

The Dixie Fire’s Destruction Spreads

Maynard’s arson took place near the Dixie Fire in the north of California. It’s still only 25% put out and has demolished almost 800 square miles of the state and burned down around 600 homes.

Maynard allegedly went up to these areas and intentionally started fires behind firemen, which could have killed them and burned down more homes.

He basically wanted to trap and kill firefighters and burn down more residences that were already threatened by the larger fire. Is this the kind of person you want teaching young adults at a college?

It’s scary to think that Maynard was teaching “criminal justice” at a university when his mind was so far gone, but it’s far from unusual.

Anyone who’s attended liberal colleges can tell you very easily about the many professors who are clearly mentally unwell to a very serious degree.