Leftist General Mark Milley Defends Himself Against Treason Accusations

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley has been in the news a lot lately. During the Trump administration, it turned out Milley was a very busy boy. In fact, rather than doing his job, Milley was sneaking around under his boss’ nose to undermine American national security.

Specifically, he’s being accused of unauthorized calls to China’s top military leadership which weakened America’s military strike capability. It’s a horrible charge and one which the Biden regime is doing everything they can to shut down.

However, it’s not going to go away that easily.

Milley Defends His Actions

According to Milley, his actions of going behind Trump’s back to talk to China’s top general Li Zuocheng were fully justified. Milley claimed he did it because China was worried the US might attack them and Milley wanted to assure them it wouldn’t happen.

This occurred during the final weeks of Trump’s presidency in 2020. Milley clearly isn’t upset about it. Reading a transcript of the calls shows Milley has a very apologetic and weak tone with Zuocheng.

Milley was assuring him the US wouldn’t strike suddenly and China would notice a gradual troop buildup and asset buildup first, as in any traditional military action. Milley clearly is not sorry about what he did, and in fact, he will be testifying about it later this month before Congress.

Let me guess, is he going to talk about the danger of “white rage” again? This man should never, ever have been the one in charge of America’s military branches. This is an outrage.

The Biden Regime is Rotten to the Core

The truth is that Milley is not just one bad apple. You have people like Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to consider as well. Austin previously overhauled the military to smoke out any Trump supporters and accuse some of them of being “white supremacists.”

He’s also done an absolutely terrible job leading our military, as we can see by the tragic and horrific pullout from Afghanistan which was done so badly. This club of collaborators at the top are happy as clams, but they’re feeding off the greatness of America and leeching until there’s nothing left.

This nation cannot afford weaklings, leftists, and traitors at the top. Our brave fighting men and women deserve more. Our patriots and freedom lovers deserve more!

Trump Responds

As for Trump himself, he’s responding to the Milley accusations cautiously but clearly. The truth is that China is not our friend. The best possible relationship we can have with them is very careful non-engagement.

Pretending they are our ally or partner is foolhardy and potentially treasonous. Anyone who does this cannot be in a position of leadership in the United States. As Trump said, if this new revelation about Milley turns out to be true, then there are no two ways about it: it’s treason.