Leftist Group Wants to Target Parents of Students to Silence Their Voice

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, we’ve seen a huge rise in homeschooling. Millions of parents are pulling their kids out of public school and teaching them at home.

Millions more are sending their kids to private schools, particularly private Christian schools. However, for those parents whose kids are staying in the public system, there are many concerns that exist.

What Power Do Parents Still Have?

The curriculum and teachings of the public system, especially around gender identity, racist critical theory teachings, and leftist social views have some parents very worried.

The one freedom they do have, however, is to raise their voice in a free country. They can tell school boards why they are concerned and how the school’s policies clash with their values.

Now, an extremist liberal organization called the NSBA (National School Boards Association) wants to take that last remaining freedom away from parents. It’s hard to believe this for many reading it, but it’s very much true.

The influential NSBA is lobbying Biden to label parents who speak out at school board meetings as potential domestic terrorists. This includes parents who speak out against masks and vaccine mandates.

The NSBA is saying any attempt by parents to “intimidate” needs to be investigated and carefully “intercepted” and stopped, including with use of federal counterterrorism capabilities.

Is This For Real?

If the NSBA were just some random group, this story wouldn’t matter much, but the NSBA is big and influential. In fact, they represent over 90,000 school board members.

Moreover, their members are basically tired of having parents get emotional and shout at them at meetings, so they want Biden to send in SWAT teams. Well, guess what? If there’s one thing people tend to get emotional about, it’s the wellbeing of their kids!

Trying to label people who care about their children as terrorists is incredibly sick. However, considering who’s currently occupying our White House, we shouldn’t rule out this process could move forward.

In particular, the NSBA is saying all “threats” should be treated as terrorism and this also includes threatening or aggressive emails sent to schools by parents and other individuals.

Calling them “heinous acts,” the NSBA says the PATRIOT Act and other legislation needs to be deployed against parents who cross the line.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is what we saw last summer (actual violence in our cities by BLM and Antifa) was called “mostly peaceful,” while conservative speech was called “violence.” The NSBA and other leftist groups want to make free speech illegal and reclassify it as terrorism if they don’t like it.

They want schools to be allowed to continue pushing divisive, woke hate in the classrooms and they want parents to shut up about it or face jail. It’s no wonder so many parents are pulling their kids out of public schools.