Leftist Journalists Get Nailed for Lying About Louisville BLM Shooting

The problem with fake news didn’t just start under President Trump. It’s been going on for centuries now.

The difference is Trump pointed it out and reminded Americans about just how damaging the media can be. They can destabilize an entire country and even spread misinformation that damages patriotism, the economy, and our future.

We saw that for years under Trump, due to the media’s false Russia collusion hoax and its constant lies about our president.

We saw it especially with their lies on COVID and their lies on the violent racism that overwhelmed the nation from the left after the death of George Floyd in 2020.

Sadly, the media’s lies haven’t ended; they’ve only got even more venomous. The latest comes out of Louisville, Kentucky.

Lying About BLM

Fake news is also not limited to national networks like CNN or MSNBC. It’s all over the internet, in newspapers, and in many of our communities.

One of those fake news outlets is the leftist run Las Vegas-Sun. This online outlet was writing about BLM black supremacist Quintez Brown and his February 14 attempted killing of Louisville candidate for mayor Craig Greenberg.

Even after Brown had already been apprehended and indicted on attempted murder, with his past anti-white and anti-conservative activism, the Las Vegas-Sun crowd tried to say “right-wing rhetoric” was behind the incident.

Their sneaky point was obvious. They were trying to gaslight readers by saying right-wing concern over gun control and BLM is what caused Brown to snap.

This is exactly backward; right-wing concern over BLM and gun control is exactly caused by the numerous incidents of similar far-left shootings and violence we’ve seen for decades now and want no part of.

Calling Out Leftist Lies

Journalists like Tucker Carlson and independent journalist Glenn Greenwald called out the Sun for its lies. It then offered no apology and just said “extremist Republicans” are making America unsafe. What the hell?

The thing is they wrote their anti-conservative column after Brown was already known to be a black supremacist. They tried to knowingly twist a black person’s hate crime against a Jew into blaming white conservatives for it.

The guy’s social media was full of anti-white and anti-Jewish hate. He even put up things about the deranged Black Hebrew Israelite ideology. This teaches the “real Jews” are black Africans and Middle Eastern-descended Jews are “fake,” “white” colonizers who are evil.

This extremely racist, black supremacist ideology led to many murders and attempted murders in the United States. It’s also a good reason to wonder if the attack on Greenberg was motivated by the fact Greenberg is Jewish.

What’s certain is outlets like the Las Vegas-Sun feel confident enough to just blare out lies and think nobody will call them out on it. They’re absolutely wrong. People are sick of fake news.

Enough is Enough

The lies and hate of left-wing media need to stop.

They are literally inciting murder and covering up for would-be murderers. These people are not engaging in free speech; they are engaging in racial targeting and political targeting and defamation.