Leftists Show Their Evil Hearts, Wishing Death on Popular Conservative Pundit in Hospital

Steven Crowder is a popular conservative who voices his opinions online. Recently, he was taken to hospital for a collapsed lung; it became very serious with Crowder telling people he is close to death. 

Normal people of all political beliefs wished him a speedy recovery. Leftists cheered and jeered, laughing loudly and telling Crowder they hope he dies and goes to hell. This is nothing new for those of us who’ve seen the true evil in the hearts of the left.

However, it’s still shocking to many who don’t yet understand the type of people we’re facing on the far left. These people on the far left are not just wrong or confused: they are evil. 

Let’s Get One Thing Clear

Not all liberals or those on the left “celebrated” Crowder’s serious situation. Liberals like Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad asked for people to pray for Crowder. Others wished him well even though they disagree strongly with him on various issues and in their political beliefs. 

Crowder is a commentator, but he’s also a comedian who amuses fans by pretending to be transgender and going to the gym, as well as other pranks. Yes, this behavior may be seen as immature or offensive to some folks, but it doesn’t mean the guy deserves to die!

The amount of random communists, Antifa, far leftists and general trash wishing death and suffering on Crowder is downright disturbing. Who are these people and who raised them to become worse than animals with zero compassion for other human beings? 

It Gets Worse

Not only did many liberals wish harm upon Crowder, Google searches for collapsed lung fatality rates spiked massively and Crowder’s name trended on Twitter.  Unfortunately, the majority of tweets were negative. 

Collapsed lungs are extremely dangerous and can kill you. They can happen for various reasons, but there is absolutely nothing funny about them. If a leftist – even a far leftist – had a collapsed lung and tweeted from hospital, I would never wish harm on them, because I’m not an evil, anti-American person. 

You can hate someone’s views without wanting them to die. It’s called basic decency. 

Here’s the Good News

Fortunately, Crowder appears to be making a recovery and has been providing more tweets from hospital about his situation. We can be happy that he’s on the mend, but it’s also vital to call out this hate. 

This wasn’t just a couple of weird folks sounding off online: it was a legion of angry far-left zombies showing just what bullies and cruel psychopaths they can be. It’s not even remotely OK and Twitter should shut down all of their accounts. Of course we know it won’t, because these cretins are on the left. 

If right wingers had wished harm on a leftist in hospital, there would be a new FBI investigation launched as some kind of hate crime case.