Lesbian Couple Deported From Bali After Bragging About How Much Better it is for LGBT People Than US

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Kristen Gray and her girlfriend are a gay couple who’ve been living in Bali, Indonesia. Bali is a beautiful island known for its surfing, nature, wildlife and delicious food.

The LA woman was feeling so cocky about the better lifestyle and prices she’s been enjoying in Bali that she decided to write an e-book about how to get around Indonesia’s COVID restrictions and enjoy what it has to offer.

What she didn’t count on was her tweet threads going viral and being deported.


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Deportation Blues

Gray bragged about how “queer friendly” Bali was in a viral tweet thread and talked about how much better her and her girlfriend’s lives were in Bali compared to LA due to the “much lower cost of living.” She also said it was a good place to be Black.

Gray’s recent tweet thread also tried to hawk her e-book on how to dodge Indonesian rules about COVID. Apparently a lot of people were interested, which led to the thread going viral. Indonesian authorities noticed and paid Gray a visit.

According to Indonesian authorities, Gray was “suspected of having intentionally disseminated unsettling information” on Bali. She insists that she did nothing wrong and didn’t break the law and is now saying that she’s being deported for being gay and Black.

How ironic, given Gray’s past praise of Bali for its lack of racism and openness to LGBT people. How quickly the story changes.

The Progressive Playbook

One of the most ironic things about social progressives is their cultural imperialism. Despite talking about how much they supposedly respect other cultures, Western progressives do no such thing.

They travel and live in other countries with no respect for the local culture and assume that the friendly locals accept their lifestyle and identity. They take selfies with the delicious food and go on little expeditions to the market, celebrating how “open” everything is.

What they don’t realize is that what the locals really accept is their money. Because the locals need that money to survive.

In private, locals are joking and criticizing the decadent foreigners and their perverted lifestyles in mocking tones that would surprise the privileged, spoiled progressives.

Indonesia Open to Gays?

For the most part Indonesia does not accept gay people, and neither does 90% of the world. The country is even trying conversion therapy to “change” people from being homosexual. Just because Gray and her girlfriend lived in some bubble protected by their US dollars, doesn’t mean they actually understand anything about the real world.

Many gay Indonesians have been quick to point out to Gray that she was wrong from the start about how gay friendly the country is, noting that gay people they know stay in the closet because society won’t accept them.

Despite claiming to be so interested in diversity and openness to the world, what progressives are actually interested in – obviously – is forcing the rest of the world to agree with them about everything.

They do that by pushing gender, abortion and LGBT programs at the UN, by using their more powerful money to buy off governments and entire nations. They do that by pushing Hollywood culture on traditional societies and undermining their family structure, gender roles, economy, religions and culture. They do that by being arrogant cultural imperialists.

Good riddance to Gray and her girlfriend. That’s two less self-righteous Westerners trying to take advantage of a poor foreign country and force their lifestyle on those around them. Hopefully this is the start of a deportation trend.

Enjoy the smog and ugliness of LA, Ms. Gray.