Liberal Media Figure Admits She’s Been Wrong the Whole Time About Rittenhouse Case

Last summer, Kyle Rittenhouse defended his life from three people who were trying to kill him. It happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin during BLM and Antifa riots over the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Now, Rittenhouse is on trial for murder after over a year of propaganda from the leftist media trying to convict him in the court of public opinion.

Many of those in the public ate up the narrative the liberal media fed them; Rittenhouse was a fanatic, a white supremacist, a premeditated murderer.

There was just one problem; all the facts were against this ridiculous and slanderous portrayal of the young man. Now, one of the liberals who repeated these leftist lies is admitting she was wrong.

Meet Ana Kasparian

Ana Kasparian is a liberal commentator who works on a YouTube show called the Young Turks. This show is headed by an airhead and egotistical, far-left lunatic called Cenk Uygur. Kasparian is basically his sidekick; she repeats and emphasizes the lies he says.

However, now she’s come out and admitted what she reported in the past about Rittenhouse was “wrong.” The reason she’s doing this is the facts of the case that have come out exposed her and many others on the left as not even knowing basic details.

As Kasparian admitted, she hadn’t realized Rosenbaum was aggressively threatening and chasing Rittenhouse. In fact, she’d thought it was Rittenhouse who was the one starting the confrontation.

She also hadn’t realized that a gun was fired from another person nearby and Grosskreutz had a gun on him. All facts that have emerged so far in the case point to Rittenhouse acting in self-defense.

Kasparian hasn’t decided, but she is at least honest enough to admit the past leftist narrative on Rittenhouse was bullcrap.

What Really Happened?

Rosenbaum taunted Rittenhouse and began chasing him, throwing stuff at him, and daring him to shoot. Rosenbaum, a convicted, bipolar child molester, was trying to grab Rittenhouse’s firearm.

This occurred after a gunshot just went off nearby; Rittenhouse then took him and another career criminal, Anthony Huber, down.

Rittenhouse later shot Gaige Grosskreutz when Grosskreutz tried to beat him into the ground with his skateboard. Rittenhouse repeatedly tried to tell these guys he didn’t want to fight and yelled that he was “friendly.”

They didn’t care. They clearly wanted to severely injure him or beat him to death.

The Bottom Line

We still live in a nation of laws where facts matter more than feelings. The truth is the death of these individuals is regrettable; however, it never would have happened if our leftist government and media hadn’t cheered on BLM and Antifa and let the streets run wild.

Rittenhouse was trying to provide a reassuring presence in Kenosha and for his trouble, he got chased down by bloodthirsty extremists. This blood is on Biden and Kamala’s hands, not Rittenhouse’s.