Liberal Media Flips the Script: Even if COVID’s Over, You Should Stay Inside for the Environment!

Have you heard the term “climate lockdown?” It means staying indoors; it also means not driving or traveling in order to help fight climate change. 

It’s an idea that’s been floated around; globalists at the World Economic Forum shocked everyone last year when they put out a video on social media praising the lockdowns for helping the environment. 

You know who lockdowns didn’t help? 

The millions of small businesses destroyed forever, the thousands of young people lost to suicide, or the tens of millions of folks struggling with intense isolation and mental illness. 

Unfortunately, however, the idea of climate lockdowns is far from dead. At this time, the liberal media is doing their damndest to keep it going. 

The New York Times Fake News Strikes Again

The New York Times can’t go a day without writing some insane thing that’s untrue. The only worse national outlet is the Bezos-owned Washington Post. 

The latest stupidity emerging from the Times comes from one of their many super annoying liberal writers. This guy is particularly horrible and goes by the name Farhad Manjoo. 

Manjoo is well known for being an irritating Twitter troll and insufferable, smug liberal; he showed that in his latest column where he said folks should chill and stay home to lessen the “extreme environmental costs” of flying and traveling again. 

Hey, Farhad, here an idea: shut the hell up. 

This is America! In America, we believe in freedom. I realize that may be a foreign concept to a liberal, elite hack like yourself pounding your paws on a typewriter at the slimy New York Times, but the rest of us still actually care. 

Of course, we see what you’re writing and the evil ideas you’re trying to spread. 

‘Flying is so Carbon-Intensive’

Now that COVID is winding up and many people have shots, Americans are flying places again. Thank God!

However, Manjoo over at the NYT is fuming, because “flying is so carbon intensive.”

Remember reading the column where this liberal fake criticized John Kerry for flying his private jet around to go talk about climate change or give cash to the Iranian terror regime? 

Me either. 

There are still much less flights in the air than pre-COVID, but that’s not good enough for Manjoo. 

He sees people start to enjoy freedom and get some independence back; therefore, his anti-American liberal mind immediately starts looking for ways to do what leftists do: complain, threaten, bully, lie, and shame. 

Manjoo Calls for a Reset

According to Manjoo, COVID provides a golden opportunity for a “reset” and to save the environment. 

How about he resets his medication, because nobody like that should be writing words read by anyone other than themselves. 

Hey, Manjoo, the jig is up. We won’t be doing your climate lockdowns. Not now, not ever. 

Although you, Manjoo, can feel absolutely free to do a one-man climate lockdown in your Brooklyn brownstone.