Liberal Media Tries to Hide Truth About Murder of Conservative Teen

This past Sunday, on September 18, a middle-aged man murdered a teen in North Dakota.

The accused is Shannon Brandt, 41, a leftist man who got into an argument with an 18-year-old conservative teen named Cayler Ellingson.

According to Brandt, Ellingson seemed “extreme” for his views supporting Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Later after drinking, Brandt located Ellingson again and mowed him down with his SUV in a hit-and-run.

As if this wasn’t horrific enough that a young man lost his life in a political hate crime, the mainstream liberal media is also lying about what happened.

The Truth About What Happened

The first crucial point to note here is Brandt has admitted he killed Ellingson for political reasons. The second horrifying detail of this story is the liberal killer is now out of jail on a $50,000 bond.

Brandt hates Republicans and conservatives; he admitted specifically that he believed Ellingson was involved in a GOP “extremist group.”

What exactly does that mean? Also, does it have any relation to the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and his recent claims that the Make America Great Again movement is “extremist” and must be rooted out?

Standing in front of a sinister red-lit backdrop at Independence Hall in Philadelphia several weeks ago, Biden gave a chilling, Hitlerian speech in which he said Trump supporters are harming “the very soul” of America.

Now, you have a middle-aged Boomer liberal who appears to have murdered a teen over this, incited by the kind of horrific words that Biden spoke and encouraged.

Extremist progressivism is once again getting people killed, even though the Associated Press and other far-left outlets failed to report on the political aspect of this crime.

That’s insane: the first rule of reporting is that you always talk about any known or suspected motives of murder, especially if the killer literally admitted it on record.

The American People Have Had Enough!

We all know the truth: if Ellingson had been a black teen or BLM, the media would be hyperventilating 24/7 and talking about sending in troops to round up any MAGA collaborators.

They would be talking about the need for a so-called “national conversation.”

We would hear endlessly about racism, horrible conservatives, and all the other disgusting lies which are spouted at every hour of the day by leftist politicians and the media.

Though because Ellingson was a young conservative man, the media doesn’t care.

Unlike the $2 million bail that was set for Kyle Rittenhouse for lawfully defending himself against murderous Antifa terrorists, a drunken murderer named Shannon Brandt is out on $50,000 and has the despicable leftist media even cover over why he did this crime.

We are no longer living in a free country. Our liberal media is similar to the Chinese Communist Party’s state-run media. It’s worse than Russia Today (RT).

The Bottom Line

Say his name: Cayler Ellingson. Rest in peace, young man. We will not forget you, nor will we stop standing up to the kind of monsters who did this to you.