Liberal News Network Gets Banned From Rittenhouse Trial for Outrageous Illegal Actions

As the Kyle Rittenhouse trial enters its third day of jury deliberations, tensions are high. For over a year now, the leftist media has done its best to slander the Illinois teen.

They want to portray him as a crazed white supremacist who traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin to kill people.

The evidence in the trial all pointed in the other direction; nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped the narrative or the obsessive push to find Rittenhouse guilty.

This obsession reached a new level recently. An MSNBC “journalist” went and broke the law in his push to generate controversy and division during the trial.

Breaking the Law for Ratings

The idea of breaking the law for ratings is nothing new. Still, seeing it done so brazenly should be a shock to everyone.

It should shock those who still have some belief the liberal media is more or less legitimate. It’s not.

James Morrison of MSNBC was pulled over while trying to seemingly follow the jury bus. He wanted to expose the identities of (dox) the jurors or find out which way they’re leaning on the verdict.

This is completely illegal. Yet, Morrison said his boss told him to follow the bus. This boss appears to be Irene Min Joo Byon of MSNBC, who deleted her social media accounts since the alarming incident.

Morrison said he wasn’t planning to dox the jurors or take footage of them in any way. Are you really going to take the word of a man working for a far left, extremist fake news network, though?

Judge Bans MSNBC from Trial

As a result of Morrison being pulled over for following the jury bus, Rittenhouse Judge Bruce Schroeder kicked MSNBC out of the trial. He also banned them from covering proceedings inside the courtroom.

They definitely deserved this. Despite the full force of the Biden regime backing up the fake news media, there are still laws in America.

Also, there are still consequences for breaking those laws. If they were fairly applied, MSNBC should now be under investigation. They should even be potentially shut down or financially penalized for these illegal actions.

The Bottom Line

The mainstream media doesn’t care what’s true about what happened last August in Kenosha, Wisconsin. They just want to generate clicks, outrage, and pursue a left-wing agenda that divides America even more.

They have no sense of balance in considering what it would be like to get chased down by a group of angry, violent people on a dark street at night.

They have no compassion in thinking what they would do if people who’d shouted numerous death threats tried to grab their weapon, followed by groups of screaming communists backing them up.

They want to make Rittenhouse into a cold-blooded murderer. However, the truth is he’s just a teen boy who defended his life in a tragic confrontation.