Liberal NFL Commissioner Will Fine Any Players Who Don’t Get the COVID Shot

The NFL’s ratings are almost as bad as CNN. Americans are sick of the liberal propaganda that’s creeping into professional football. Think back to kneeling showboat Colin Kaepernick up to NFL Commissioner and Democrat worshiper Roger Goddell’s strong praise of Black Lives Matter.

He even bought into the lie that everyone last summer was a “peaceful protester” while we were watching our cities burn. He let players put special messages on their jerseys about racism. 

The guy is a liberal lunatic and now he just upped the ante by saying any NFL player who doesn’t get the COVID shot will get hit with steep penalties. 

Why is the NFL so Focused on Vaccinating Players?

A full 80% of NFL players have already had both COVID shots, so it’s unclear why Gooddell is going so hard on this. Most likely, he wants it as a “public relations” win so he can virtue signal and be a good little liberal. 

It’s not just about fining players either. The NFL now says that if there is any COVID found among unvaccinated players and the game can’t be easily rescheduled, their team loses and will get a loss counted towards playoff entry. 

If you are vaccinated and get COVID – which is happening more and more including in professional sports – you get zero consequences. Yet if you’re unvaccinated and get COVID, your team gets slammed…and you get fined for every small infraction you make, such as having to wear a mask at all times. 

Gooddell and his globalist buddies are obsessed with the vaccine and they’re treating these players like slaves. It’s disgusting to watch this kind of arrogance at work. 

How Bad Are the Fines?

They’re bad. If you’re unvaccinated and break a rule such as forgetting to wear your mask you get hit upfront with a $14,650 fine. It only gets worse from there. Players are angry about Gooddell’s little temper tantrum and the league’s obsession with jabbing everyone. 

Vikings official Rick Dennison quit last week because he didn’t want the vaccine; Arizona Cardinals player DeAndre Hopkins noted that he’s thinking about leaving the league because of the NFL’s obsession with the vaccination. 

New England Patriots linebacker Matt Judon also sounded off, saying Gooddell and his crew “f—ing sucks.” Numerous other players also tweeted their frustration with their freedom being taken away. Can you really blame them?

The league has gone insane, and players just want to play football! They aren’t interested in being caught up in the middle of this ridiculous politicized debate about vaccines. 

The Bottom Line

People can get the COVID shot if they want to. People who get it are still catching COVID in huge numbers. Usually, the symptoms are less serious than in unvaccinated folks who get COVID, but not always. 

Let’s stop buying into this globalist idea that there’s a black-and-white safety line between vaccinated and unvaccinated. Anyway, if the vaccine is so great and protects you, then getting it should mean you’re no longer worried and the unvaccinated can be in danger if they want.

Right? Or am I missing something here? Are we still waiting for Dr. Fauci’s mythical “herd immunity” to arrive?