Liberals Letting Muslim Extremists Out of Jail

Hiva Alizadeh is a convicted terrorist trained by Al Qaeda. He got caught and put behind bars for 24 years in 2014.

However, it turns out that after only nine years, the government of Canada feels this fanatic is safe to let out on parole.

That’s some messed up math! Even though this is happening in Canada, it’s important to look at it for two reasons.

Firstly, our borders have no protection and terrorists can easily enter the US. Secondly, blue states are just the same mentality as Canada.

Enjoy Your Freedom, Mr. Terrorist!

After being granted parole several days ago, Alizadeh, 43 said he’s all done with being a Muslim extremist.

At his hearing, the convicted terrorist, who was caught recruiting new members for Al Qaeda, said he no longer has any interest in extremism and is a law-abiding person.

The parole board decided he was telling the truth. It let Alizadeh walk free and enter a halfway house to enjoy some freedom.

Alizadeh is a number of many terror suspects coming out of Canadian (and American prisons), let out on bail and parole reform.

Whether it’s Minnesota or Ontario, Canada, terrorists are getting a free ride and being believed when they say they’re sorry. Guess what happens when you trust a terrorist? Nothing good!

I’m Sorry, So Sorry…

Giving a big speech about how sorry he is, Alizadeh said he won’t get near any of these extreme views again. Canadian prison rep Marie Lucia says Canada’s system is “well-positioned” to handle any challenges from extremists and prevent reoffending.

This includes programs of counseling and rehab to get rid of some of those extreme views. How exactly are they stopping people like Alizadeh from going down a dark road again?

Cookies and hugs? This progressive insanity is truly remarkable. They literally found bomb-making equipment in this guy’s closet!

How The Hell Did This Happen?

Liberalism is a mental disorder. Once it infects its hosts, anything can happen. Alizadeh should never have been in Canada in the first place, obviously.

The fact he committed a serious offense and is now free on parole is just icing on the disgusting progressive cake.

Clearly, the globalists running the show truly want to destroy all the good that we have left.