Loopy Congresswoman Maxine Waters Turns on Her Own Democrat Party Members

Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters is a wild card. You never know exactly what she’s going to do or say, but you know it’s probably going to be dramatic and unhinged.

Her latest comments aren’t surprising, but they show just how toxic things are becoming on the left. This all relates back to Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill.

It was supposed to be the signature achievement of his term: a big government spending bill to hand out money to donors and shift the US into a socialist green economy.

However, Democrat Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona stood in the way of it. They say they won’t throw money in the garbage as the bill requires.

Now, Democrats are sending out their attack dogs against Manchin and Sinema. First in line to take the first snarling bite is Waters herself. Wait until you hear what she’s accusing Manchin and Sinema of.

Waters Accuses Manchin, Sinema of Being Racist, Anti-Black

Waters is now claiming Manchin and Sinema are racists who “don’t care” about “blacks.” According to Waters, these two are denying “voting rights” to people in their districts and are ignorant and hateful toward minorities.

Saying that Manchin and Sinema are “holding up” the left’s “agenda,” Waters noted their support of the filibuster is more proof these two are anti-black and anti-progress.

It used to be outrageous for somebody in Congress to falsely accuse other people of being evil racists, but these days, it’s just par for the course from the left-wing side.

Sinema and Manchin are being blamed for the fact that a huge number of Americans and their representatives are against the Build Back Better globalist agenda.

They are convenient scapegoats for Waters to attack; by pretending they somehow oppose “voting rights” and black people, it makes it even easier to paint Sinema and Manchin as horrible people who deserve to be attacked.

The truth is that the kind of things Waters is saying here are nothing short of incitement to violence; if it were being done by a right-wing politician, the media and public would be in an uproar.

Waters Gets Worse…

Even though Democrats are in charge of the House and the Oval Office, Waters says Manchin and Sinema are in league with the GOP to block progress and justice.

She said Biden is doing all he can to “fight” and is doing well, but remains blocked by those who want to unfairly denounce him. This is far from just Waters sounding off and blaming Manchin and Sinema.

Recently, Congressman Adriano Espaillat of New York also tore into the two of them, demanding they face unspecified “consequences” for standing in the way of progress.

Espaillat said the two of them need to learn their place and understand when the president calls to pass a bill, you damn well fall in line and you never try to “derail” it.

That sounds a lot like Stalin talk to me. Is this really a major political party in the United States of America in 2022?