Low Taxes are Attracting New Residents to Red States

There’s been an exodus of Americans leaving blue states to move to red states. COVID restrictions played a big part, including red states offering better business opportunities and more personal freedom.

However, a new study shows it’s even more specific than that; people are leaving high-tax states and moving to low-tax states. In fact, it turns out to be one of the primary motivations driving Americans out of many blue states.

Escaping the Tax Nightmare

High taxes are not something most people support. This is especially true in a society where a degenerate party is handing out crack pipes and encouraging children to get sex changes. People want to pay what they owe and not a cent more.

The difference now is the growth in remote work is giving many tax-weary folks the chance to move where they want. Instead of submitting to big government leftist policies, they’re moving to low-tax havens.

The top states that people are leaving are all high-income tax states run by Democrats, namely California, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Illinois, and Massachusetts. That’s not to mention DC, which also came in the top ten states that people are leaving.

The top states people are heading to? Republican states with low taxes: specifically, South Carolina, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Texas, Alabama, Florida, Nevada, and Arizona.

These are Serious Numbers

The folks leaving high tax blue states represent very serious numbers. This is not ten or 20 people. New York state lost almost 2% of its entire population last year. DC lost almost 3%.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out people are done with being taxed to death and told it’s for their own good.

As we’ve seen with the roadblocks to Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill, people are tired of being told the government can spend whatever they want, but we have to pay for it!

We’ve just been locked down for years in a pandemic where the restrictions saved zero lives. Hundreds of thousands of businesses were destroyed; then, we were sold a vaccine that doesn’t work.

Americans now understand fully their federal government is not on their side; they’re moving to states where governors share that same understanding, states like Ron DeSantis’ Florida, Greg Abbott’s Texas, and Kay Ivey’s Alabama.

The Bottom Line

For Americans fortunate enough to work online, moving is becoming a more distinct possibility. However, even for those who are down on their luck and struggling, moving to a low tax state is becoming an attractive choice.

When you consider many blue states also have skyrocketing violent crime and social problems, there’s just not that much to keep anyone who’s able to leave.

Why stay somewhere you’re bleeding money and possibly bleeding on the street from a random attack?