Main Focus of Biden’s Inauguration Speech Revealed

Government of Iraq ceremony 03 by United States Forces - Iraq (Inactive) is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

As dramatic as American politics can be, sometimes it’s also downright predictable.

President-elect Joe Biden’s upcoming inauguration speech will reportedly focus on national unity and coming back from the coronavirus better and stronger in terms of health and the economy.

About 25,000 National Guard troops will be ensuring the inauguration goes smoothly, amid Democratic claims of fear of right-wing extremist violence.

Remember when President Trump did the same and called in a massive private army because of all the violence that Antifa were causing in DC to protest his inauguration? Remember when he locked down the whole National Mall as well as spoke to a field of flags instead of people?

Oh…that’s right, Trump didn’t do that.

What Will the Inauguration be Like?

Biden’s inauguration comes two weeks after the Capitol was trespassed by Trump supporters and several leftist agitators. The National Mall will be empty for the speech and full of flags from each state representing those who’ve died of COVID-related illness.

The speech has been written by Vinay Reddy and Mike Donilon who will also be a senior adviser in the incoming Biden Administration. Biden and his speechwriter helpers have been crafting the speech since the election.

So expect this speech to be stuffed full of platitudes about unity, bipartisanship, moving “forward” and Biden’s trademark optimism as well as promises of rescuing the economy and restoring the nation’s health.

Despite his sometimes embarrassing mistakes and gaffes when he’s speaking, Biden – when his memory and mental state is in good shape – is a much better speaker than many give him credit for.

Expect this inaugural speech to be a lot of nice words without much substance, like a redux of past Obama fluff.

Vice President Biden visits Everglades by JaxStrong is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Lots of Stories and Cliches

Biden has given thousands of speeches and he knows what he’s doing. His speech will undoubtedly have many stories about his working class upbringing in Scranton, Pennsylvania and all sorts of stories about how not all Republicans are bad and how he’s such an aisle crosser.

Expect some “women’s rights,” “America is back” and similar rhetoric to be peppered in throughout the speech as well as “build back better” to signal that the Great Reset is on its way. Happy days.

Biden’s first days in office will reportedly have a large amount of executive orders and basically open America’s gates to illegal immigrants, pump billions into fighting climate change and talk even more about racial issues (because that’s just what we need when we’re worried about putting food on the table and getting over the awful race riots that destroyed large areas of America’s cities last summer).

After locking down the core of DC and setting up a bunch of flags, Biden will talk to the air like the puppet he is. Don’t expect to hear much about the threat of China, although tough words addressed to Vladimir Putin and more conspiracies about Trump and Putin could very well be on the table.

As he brings in an administration comprised of washed-up has-beens, straight-up losers and a few half-decent people, Biden will be eager to start pushing his pro-abortion, anti-White, anti-male and anti-American policies as soon as possible all under the rhetoric of being pro-America and bringing people together.

He’s the perfect senile mouthpiece for more Democratic lies and for progressive extremist Kamala Harris to run the show behind the scenes.

There’s just no surprises left with the Democrats anymore.

Their sheer audacity and hypocrisy is beyond most people’s imagination, but they’ve done the unimaginable so many times in their hypocrisy that it’s no longer surprising. Get ready for four years of lies and progressive pandering.