Maine’s Government Has a New Plan to Cut Inflation

The great state of Maine is led by a Democrat by the name of Janet Mills.

A pro-abortion, pro-drug, woke fanatic, Mills is basically exactly what you’d expect from someone who’s been surrounded her whole life by left-wing ideas.

That extends down to the economic sphere, where Mills is a big-spending and high-taxing Democrat.

Taking a page from the Democrat book, Mills recently announced a new plan to fight inflation in Maine and help residents.

If you live there, this may make you pretty happy, at least until you look under the surface a bit deeper.

What is Mills’ Inflation-Buster Plan?

Estimates determine that Maine residents will lose about $550 dollars in 2022, due to the inflation that’s currently hitting individuals and families. If anything, that’s a conservative estimate, and the real number is likely a lot higher.

In any case, Mills said she wants to give Maine residents more money, due to the inflation and high prices that are hitting people.

Speaking Friday about the state’s upcoming budget, Mills said relief checks which are usually $750 for lower and middle-income state residents will grow to $850.

That extra money is intended to help people facing high prices at the pumps and extreme inflation at the grocery store, on their heating bills, and in basically every other area of life as well.

Maine residents qualify for the payout if they make under $75,000 income as an individual or $150,000 as a couple. Therefore, many state residents will be getting this money.

Specifically, around 800,000 of Maine’s 1.34 million population will qualify.

When Will Checks Be Sent Out?

The checks will be sent out starting this July on a rolling basis.

The changes in order to increase the amount to $850 were just announced by Mills as part of modifications she plans to make to the state budget.

Maine’s lawmakers still have to vote and sign off on it, but it is likely that they will do so. Even Maine Republicans are agreeing with Mills; they just want to get these bigger checks out faster without having to take the long way around in the legislative process.

Certainly, it makes sense that people are short on money right now with the insane gas and food prices. However, the Democrat approach being taken by the GOP as well has a number of drawbacks.

The first drawback is that fighting inflation by handing out more free money tends to increase inflation.

The Bottom Line

Money losing value is what happens when you spend too heavily and tax society’s most productive members to death.

These checks may be a necessary step at this time of global certainty, but they will certainly not solve the deeper problems affecting our American economy by any means.