Make-A-Wish Denies Dying Kid His Last Wish Because He’s Unvaxxed

There are stories which come along that are so enraging and so horrible you want to look away, but you can’t and you shouldn’t. If we don’t face the reality of what our country is turning into, we will lose what’s left of our souls.

This news comes out of Staten Island in New York, where a dying 4-year-old boy recently had his last wish with the Make-A-Wish Foundation denied. The reason? The youngster is unvaccinated.

This Cannot Go On

A friend of the kid’s dad, Scott LoBaido, yelled about this on Twitter because he is enraged. As he said, it’s outrageous what our country is turning into, as we continue to wreck everything for a virus with a massively high survival rate above 99.7%.

This sick youngster, who isn’t going to live for much longer, just wanted to go to meet Mickey Mouse in Orlando, Florida. Make-a-Wish said, ‘sorry it’s not going to happen because you don’t have the jab.’

Make-a-Wish should be shut down for not having a heart. We can hear all about these vaccines and how it’s “policy” and just doing their job and so on, but that’s all bullcrap.

The vaccines don’t even stop COVID and kids’ risk of infection is massively low; not to mention the new omicron variant is much more common if you’re vaccinated.

In fact, 75% of those who have omicron are vaccinated.

Holding Make-a-Wish Foundation Responsible for its Cruelty

Make-a-Wish Foundation is a non-profit based in Phoenix, Arizona that gives last wishes to kids who are dying. It deserves to be called out, criticized, mocked, and hated for its decision to turn down this kid and other unvaccinated youngsters.

They have said they won’t change their mind and they stand by their decision because the 4-year-old would put others in “danger.”

Thankfully, the 4-year-old boy has some powerful friends on his side, including ChrisFix, a popular TikTok star who is helping raise money for the kid’s wish, along with the last wish organization Wigs & Wishes.

That means this youngster will be headed to meet Mickey and have a fun time with his family, thank God. However, the cruelty and evil of the Make-a-Wish Foundation won’t be forgotten.

This heartless organization can act like it’s just following the rules, but its decision is a humiliating and horrible thing to do to the family of a dying kid.

The Bottom Line

The pandemic is causing some people to lose their hearts and become horrible slaves of the Biden regime. Our job is to keep having a heart and basic humanity and stay far away from those who have lost all compassion and common sense.

Boycott Make-a-Wish and all other leftist organizations that don’t believe in science or basic decency.