Making Woke Corporations Pay for their Propaganda

Delta Air Lines - Twin Cities Pride Parade 2018 by Tony Webster is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Ever since the 1970s and the fusionism of free market libertarians and traditionalists, the GOP has been the party of hard work and business. 

Companies knew that they could count on Republican leaders to take it easy on taxes and help stimulate economic growth. 

Presidents like the great Ronald Reagan made sure that the free market was a win-win, helping working families and helping entrepreneurs so that America could reach its full potential. 

But now everything is changing.

In the past several decades, multinational corporations have become increasingly disloyal to the United States, creating monopolies and exploiting workers to an extreme extent. 

They’ve also started aligning strongly with “woke” or far-left cultural and social beliefs, pushing the LGBT agenda, drugs, open borders, anti-White racism, abortion and more. 

Now the GOP has had enough. 

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Boycotting Bad Businesses

Republicans have had enough of companies abusing their pro-growth policies to push far-left agendas and are encouraging people to boycott bad businesses. The GOP is also moving to change taxes so they can hit back at woke corporations who are using their money and influence to undermine traditional values and conservatism across the country. 

Some of the brands that are most in Republican crosshairs include ones like Delta airlines, Coca-Cola and Major League Baseball. Coca-Cola has raised eyebrows with its former teaching of anti-White critical race theory, while Delta has spoken out against new voting laws in Georgia.

Major League Baseball is angering many conservatives for moving the All Star game over opposition to new Georgia voter laws. 

Former President Trump slashed corporate taxes from 35% down to 21% in 2017, and this is the thanks that conservatives get? Let’s see how these enlightened companies like a boycott. 

“Boycotts may or may not work, but what will work is to identify every unique benefit these woke companies get under the law and remove them and require they operate as all other companies in those states have to,” explained Russ Vought, head of a new conservative organization called the Center for American Restoration. 

The Next Generation of Conservatives

One of the things that’s happening is that younger conservatives like Senators Marco Rubio and Josh Hawley are willing to crack down harder on woke corporations, whereas the older generation still doesn’t fully realize how radicalized and extreme many of these companies have become. 

Rachel Bovard of the Conservative Policy Institute said it’s all about the new generation.

“Old habits are hard to break. There are legislators who have served in office for 30 years and this is like learning a new language for them. They still think profit motives drive these companies and it’s not in their interest to punish conservatives. But you’re seeing younger senators and office holders speak out on this and it will shape their politics moving forward.”

The latest hubbub is happening over Georgia’s new voting law that requires you to provide proof of photo ID to vote by mail and other basic voter security measures. Democrats say it will make it difficult for people to vote, especially Black people, while conservatives argue it’s just protecting basic electoral integrity. 

Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian said the new Georgia laws are “unacceptable” and was rewarded with an attempted removal of a fuel tax cut that the company has been enjoying by Georgia State Republicans. It hasn’t gone through yet, but the message is clear: the GOP is no longer a lapdog for giant companies to use and dispose of at will. 

As Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said:

“Texans are fed up with corporations that don’t share our values trying to dictate public policy.”

He’s absolutely right. These ridiculous companies go on and on about their supposed anti-racism and concern over protecting democracy, but then as soon as democracy results in an outcome they dislike they pitch a hissy fit like a spoiled child in the candy aisle.