Man Lights Himself on Fire Outside Supreme Court

This past Friday was Earth Day, a made-up holiday by climate activists in which you focus on the environment. The holiday was started in 1970 by the United Nations and focuses on “peace” and environmental action.

The idea of protecting the environment makes perfect sense, of course. We all live in the environment! Though unfortunately, environmentalism has gone from a desire to stop pollution and conserve nature to an all-out extremist cult.

That became disturbingly clear this past Friday, when a 50-year-old man from Boulder, Colorado walked onto the steps of the Supreme Court and lit himself on fire.

What Happened?

Climate change activist Wynne Bruce went to the area in front of the Supreme Court and lit himself on fire on Friday evening. Video shows crews trying to put out the flames while Bruce sits in a meditating pose burning to death.

He was rushed to the hospital by air, but died on Saturday from severe burns.

Bruce put a message on social media two years ago with the date of April 22, 2022, and a symbol of fire. This indicates he may have been planning this for a long time.

Bruce was reportedly a devout Buddhist back in Colorado. His spiritual mentor, a Buddhist “priest” named K. Kritee said his death was inspiring and was all about “compassion.”

She said it was brave for Bruce to do what he did in order to get people to care more about the “climate crisis” and confirmed she thinks he’d already been planning it for a long time.

With a media obsessed about climate change 24/7 and spiritual mentors who think burning yourself to death is “compassionate,” it’s certainly clear how a depressed person’s mind could reach the horrific point that Bruce did.

Part of a Sick Tradition?

There is a pattern of burning yourself to death as a form of protest.

Peace activist Norman Morrison famously burned himself to death outside the Pentagon in order to show his opposition to the ongoing Vietnam War in 1965.

More recently, three years ago, a man called Arnav Gupta burned himself to death outside the White House while high on cannabis and suffering from mental illness.

Now, we have Bruce performing an apparently long-planned act in order to demand the world and the US government do more to stop climate change.

It’s no exaggeration to say this tragic death should cause American liberals to do some serious soul-searching.

What kind of horrible guilt and propaganda are you encouraging that can bring someone to the point of dying torturously to make a political statement?

What kind of alarmism are you pushing on people?

The Bottom Line

The radical left in this country is getting people killed. It’s doing so physically, economically, and psychologically.

We need to speak out against the toxic mind virus they are trying to spread at any and all opportunities.