Manhattan District Attorney Decides to Give Criminals a Free Pass

America has a big problem with criminals who aren’t in jail where they belong. The reason isn’t a problem with our laws; it’s a problem with the lawyers and politicians enforcing our laws.

The latest blue state example comes out of Manhattan, New York, where new District Attorney Alvin Bragg decided the best way forward is to go easy on criminals.

Specifically, he’s told the prosecutors who work for him to go for lesser charges in various situations of violent criminals who are charged in his city.Β This is outrageous and dangerous.

Here are the details…

What Woke Tomfoolery is This?

Bragg wrote an order to his staff after getting into office under NYC Mayor Eric Adams. He told his prosecutors to charge accused drug dealers and thieves with charges that will spare them jail time, whenever possible.

Unless somebody was murdered, Bragg said his prosecutors won’t try to get people put in jail. The only exceptions are if a criminal who has an especially “traumatic” effect on victims (and horrible history of repeat offenses) is being charged.

The main reason Bragg gave for this softening up is prosecutors need to think of how damaging prison can be. He wants them to think about how jail can make it much harder for criminals to get jobs and find housing once they’re out.

Bragg may be shocked to hear that life can also be very difficult for victims of violent crime and for people who die of drug overdoses. That’s why America has laws to punish drug dealers and violent robbers.

However, as the woke left apparently thinks it is smarter than everyone else who ever lived, they don’t care about victims. They only care about the poor hurt feelings of psychopathic criminals.

Get Out of Jail Free Card

Criminals are enjoying a field day across blue America because liberals from Baltimore to San Francisco have decided the law doesn’t matter. Law courts are overrun with activist judges and woke district attorneys who think punishing criminals is bad.

We have basically ended up in a situation now where our elected officials on the left are more concerned about the situations of criminals than the situations of victims. It is completely upside down and unacceptable.

Bragg’s new directives will still lead to some serious fines and probation for low-level drug dealers and others, but it’s basically just a way to stop enforcing the law.

He believes this will make us “safer.” The obvious truth is it will make society even more stuffed full of criminals who aren’t afraid of going to jail.

Finally, when you have this going on in your society, you have a very dangerous situation for ordinary, law-abiding Americans.