Maskless Partiers Get Wild in Colorado and Flip Cop Car

KU to the NCAA national championship street party! by M31. is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Boulder, Colorado was the scene of a large college party that turned rowdy.

Maskless partiers from the University of Colorado flooded the streets, partying it up and eventually smashing police who arrived with bricks, stones and debris and destroying nearby structures.

In the process of the wild night, partiers flipped a police vehicle, smashed a fire truck and damaged nearby cars.

Police said they’re looking over video evidence to find specific people to charge in what happened and that police will “identify and arrest those responsible for this reprehensible and unacceptable behavior.”

Due to not wearing masks, the partiers will likely be easier for authorities to identify and charge.

This is another ironic side effect of mask mandates is that they make crime much harder to prosecute and give criminals an easy out in public.

Kansas Jayhawks 2008 NCAA Basketball National Champions–Street Party by M31. is licensed under CC BY 2.0

What Exactly Happened?

The college party crowd spilled out onto the streets in Boulder’s University Hill neighborhood, likely encouraged by slightly improved spring weather.

Then they went absolutely wild, shooting fireworks, cursing and assaulting and mocking a fire truck driving around the neighborhood.

In a response to the publicity being made by the party, the University sent out a statement reading that:

“We are aware of a large party on University Hill on Saturday evening and allegations of violence toward police officers responding to the scene. We condemn this conduct. It is unacceptable and irresponsible, particularly in light of the volume of training, communication and enforcement the campus and city have dedicated to ensuring compliance with COVID-19 public health orders.”

The statement went on to say that reports of violence have concerned university leadership enormously, reading that:

“CU Boulder will not tolerate any of our students engaging in acts of violence or damaging property. CU Boulder has made it clear to our student body that following county public health orders is required under the student code of conduct. The vast majority of our students have followed these directives. When health officials and police have referred public health order violations to our student conduct office, CU Boulder has responded quickly and imposed discipline when violations were established.”

CU Boulder Cracks Down

So far CU Boulder has put its money where its mouth is on COVID violations, banning a number of students from campus and suspending 45 students for breaking the rules.

It is kind of ironic, however, that the violation of mask rules seems to be the main thing bothering the university, although their statement does go on to say that “any student who is found responsible for having engaged in acts of violence toward the law enforcement or other first responders will be removed from CU Boulder and not readmitted.”

At this point there’s just one question that needs to be asked of CU Boulder leadership.

How can you be sure beyond any reasonable doubt that these students were not actually protesting in support of BLM or to protest the death of George Floyd? That would change everything, in fact even prosecuting these heroes could be an act of racism in itself. The authorities need to look at all sides here.

After all, we know that violence against police, property damage and burning down neighborhoods is apparently fine with our woke university professors and national media when it’s done for “good” reasons. So who’s to say these college students going wild weren’t doing it for George?

It sounds like this calls for a full investigation to ensure that nobody is being punished for flipping cars as their own unique way of standing up to racism.

Party on, heroes.