Massive Fires Leave Thousands Homeless in Florida

Florida is being hit by some massive wildfires right now that have left thousands homeless. The epicenter of these fires is in Panama City, which is located about a two hours drive from the capital of Tallahassee.

Panama City may be better known for Spring Break parties, but right now, huge areas of it are burning down; over 1,000 residences have been evacuated in emergency procedures.

The fire is now over 9,000 acres; firefighters are trying their hardest to put it out, along with a second 800-acre fire near another area of Panama City.

Dozens of homes have been burned and collapsed; now there is another large fire that’s started and caused over 120 nursing home residents to flee for their lives.

DeSantis Responds

Responding to the fires, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis said the disaster is spreading “very quickly” and will be responded to aggressively.

City buses are being used to take residents out of harms’ way; the fire is now getting close to a prison at Bay County, which might also have to be emptied of prisoners if the fire keeps spreading.

This is an area that’s already had its share of wrath from Mother Nature, enduring the ravages of Hurricane Michael in 2018 which caused 16 people to lose their lives and wrecked $25 billion of homes and structures in the area.

Many people are being taken to shelters away from the fires, including at the local fairgrounds where tents and supplies have been set up.

As of now, only around one-third of the fires have been put out and the raging forest fires have the air clogged with smoke.

The Situation in Florida

High winds are spreading fires around Florida, and not only in the Panama City area. They are also devastating various parts of the Sunshine State with over 150 fires. This includes 12,000 acres of fires, and we’re only at the start of Florida’s usual annual wildfires.

Extremely dry conditions are the main cause of the fires, but they don’t usually start so early in the year. These early fires indicate it will be a very bad year for wildfires in Florida and residents should have a plan in place to get away if a fire comes near to them.

So far, there have fortunately been no fatalities reported from these out-of-control wildfires in Florida, but the evacuation of the nursing home is definitely worrisome.

There is serious trauma happening to Floridians right now and they could use all of our thoughts and prayers, as well as any support we can give them.

The Bottom Line

Pray for the people of Florida and particularly Panama City. They need all the help they can get right now, as brave firefighters deal with these blazes.