Media Goes Wild Over First Lady Jill Biden After Four Years of Ignoring Melania

Jill Biden by Center for American Progress is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Remember when President Trump was in office and his beautiful and brilliant wife Melania was celebrated across our nation by our fair and patriotic mainstream news organizations?

Me neither.

Because it never happened.

The charming and ultra-intelligent supermodel is also an incredible mother speaks five languages and built an impressive career after emigrating from Slovenia. Melania has done lots to stop bullying and help various causes close to her heart and she’s been an advocate for the less fortunate.

Melania Trump is a wonderful woman and a loving wife who is also a role model that young girls can look up to.

But if you were to believe the media, she’s a deranged fascist who doesn’t care about kids in cages and hates her husband.

Introducing Doctor Jill Biden…

As for Doctor Jill Biden? She’s an absolute saint. A paragon of perfection. She is the next Jackie O. She’s so beautiful and wonderful and smart that already after a few weeks into the Biden Administration she’s been profiled more times than you can count and praised and honored in all sorts of ways.

We may as well just put Jill Biden’s portrait in every schoolroom with I LOVE DOCTOR JILL on the bottom for kids to read out like a new pledge of allegiance.

What did Jill Biden do to deserve this wave of praise? You already know…

Doctor Jill Biden is a Democrat.

Yes, that’s it. Seriously. I’m sure she’s a wonderful woman and all that and she’s done a lot to help our troops, but the only reason the media gives a fig is because she believes the “right” things: progressive things.

Dr. Jill Biden Tours NASA’s Johnson Space Center (NHQ201603020107) by NASA HQ PHOTO is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Media Can’t Shut Up About Dr. Jill Biden

Already the press coverage of Jill Biden has been off the wall. TV interviews, magazine profiles, news outlets drooling over her like some modern saint and saying she ranks up there with the most legendary First Ladies of history like Eleanor Roosevelt.

I’ll give you a moment in case you’re tearing up and need a second to collect yourself.

Here’s the truth:

Jill Biden seems like a great person in many ways. She has put her energy into the Joining Forces program to help military families, and gave a nice spot at the Super Bowl in an ad telling people to be safe and wear masks. She also put out some charming hearts on the White House lawn for Valentine’s Day. That’s sweet.

She’s also still teaching which is definitely impressive and makes her the first First Lady to hold a paying job while still serving the nation as its top woman.

But what is Jill Biden actually doing that makes her so legendary after a few weeks other than fairly standard First Lady duties and being a nice person?


The media just hates conservatives and loves progressives. It sounds so basic and boring, because that’s exactly what it is. But I’ll shut up about it when the media shuts up about Jill Biden and starts giving people like Melania the respect they deserve.

Jill Biden gave cookies to National Guard troops and seems like a nice lady. She’s able to put up with Joe’s rambling statements, so she definitely has the patience of a saint.

But Melania Trump was a style icon and endured years of an unprecedented media crusade against her husband and family. She speaks six languages and built a career from nothing. She stood up for conservative principles in a country where that’s increasingly dangerous and unpopular. She was an amazing first lady.

So let me take this opportunity to say: good luck Dr. Jill!

If you have the good fortune to achieve even half of the greatness and elegance that Melania brought to the office you will have succeeded in top form!