Meet the Creepy European Billionaire Helping Fund the American Far Left

When it comes to American so-called “democracy,” there’s a lot of dark money lurking in the shadows. It gets funded into non-profits, candidates, Political Action Committees (PACs), and grassroots organizing in many ways.

We are told this is just the price of running an election and to look the other way. Though once you realize what a large impact a small group of billionaires have on our republic, it’s hard to look away and ignore it.

In past years, starting with conservative commentator Glenn Beck, a lot of focus has been on Hungarian American liberal billionaire George Soros and his efforts to fund America’s left.

Whereas the truth is there are a number of other individuals lurking invisibly; many of them aren’t even Americans. Here is one important Democrat dark money funder…

Meet Hansjörg Wyss

Hansjörg Wyss is a citizen of Switzerland who got very rich in the pharmaceutical and medical device business. He’s a liberal, far-left man who likes to funnel millions of dollars to left-wing politicians and organizations in the United States.

In addition to sitting on the board of the Center for American Progress, Wyss has been giving out millions to American leftists. In fact, since 2016, he’s shoveled out an estimated $253 million.

The real number, according to experts, is likely far higher, but much of the cash can’t be accurately tracked, given currently existing financial secrecy laws.

This includes funding to help Democrats win races, but also money for efforts to impeach Trump and change voting rules in favor of the left.

This shadowy billionaire has a lot to say about who we vote for in this country and wants to help swing it in the direction of his beliefs.

As November looms on the horizon, individuals like Wyss are in the shadows waiting to pull the strings and play every dirty trick imaginable to swing the elections away from the Republican Party and America First candidates.

Wyss’ Weasel Ways

Wyss isn’t an American citizen. That means he can’t donate to politicians for federal office in any way.

However, he pumps money into non-profit groups and other ways. That’s part of what led the group Americans for Public Trust against him last year.

At this time, Wyss does live in the United States; however he’s here on an E-2 visa, which is specifically for investors. He basically uses charity groups to twist his political ideology and force it onto our political landscape.

Due to being worth more than $5 billion and his arrogant mindset, Wyss thinks he’s above the law.

Hopefully, the Americans for Public Trust lawsuit against the FEC for not acting against Wyss ends up creating some pressure.

The Bottom Line

Get rich billionaires out of our politics and give it back to the people, like the Founders intended.