Mexican Warrior Women Take the Fight to the Drug Cartels

Female Soldier at the Shooting Range by Israel Defense Forces is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Illegal drugs are one of the worst problems in society. They cause addiction, mental illness, crime and depression.

They also make a lot of money for the gangsters and evil people who traffic and sell them.

One of the countries that’s been hardest hit by the drug trade is Mexico, where powerful cartels murder people in broad daylight and control large areas of land.

The situation is so bad that it’s spilled over into the United States, with subhuman gangs like MS-13 and others importing their savagery into America’s streets, and Mexican drugs spilling across American borders.

Now one group of Mexican women has had enough and is taking up the fight themselves: meeting the criminal cartels with lethal force.

La Piedad Michoacan by juanpiadoso is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Welcome to Michoacan

The Michoacan area of Mexico is one of the most dangerous places in the country. It’s especially bad because the horrific Jalisco drug cartel has been working steadily to take it over and use it as part of its drug trafficking and production operations.

Jalisco comes from the state next to Michoacan, but they want more territory and more power. Michoacan has become more and more hectic and full of murder and chaos since Jalisco’s power grab in 2013, and now a militia of female vigilantes is making a stand against Jalisco.

They have set up roadblocks and carry heavy firepower in order to do whatever is necessary to stop Jalisco in their tracks and stop them from making the state even worse.

Most of the female fighters are people whose loved ones have been killed by Jalisco. One example is Blanco Nava, whose 29-year-old son Freddy was kidnapped by the cartel at his job picking limes and has never been seen again.

“We women are tired of seeing our children, our families disappear. They take our sons, they take our daughters, our relatives, our husbands,” said one of the vigilante women, noting that many of the community’s men are recruited into the cartel so it’s become up to the women to make a stand.

Men Being Forced into Cartels at a Rapid Rate

“As soon as they see a man who can carry a gun, they take him away,” one of the militia women explained, adding “we don’t know if they have them (as recruits) or if they already killed them.”

For their part, these women are no wilting daisies and have even made a makeshift tank out of a large pickup with plate armor welded on. Other members have also begun working on trenches near the roads to stop further incursions and assaults from Jalisco cartel, which is headquartered in Jalisco state next to Michoacan.

One man describing how his brother was killed by Jalisco who chopped him to pieces and murdered his sister-in-law who was eight-months pregnant. The violence and sadistic actions of drug cartels make even the violence of the Middle East sometimes look less bad in comparison.

Police don’t do enough to protect the community so the vigilantes say they have to do their own self-protection.

“We are here for a reason, to get justice by hook or by crook, because if we don’t do it, nobody else will,” said militia member Sergio Garcia whose brother was killed by the cartel.

The situation in Michoacan is an example of how bad drugs and crime can get if they become out of control and how important it is to have a strong and trustworthy police force with adequate equipment and resources. Hopefully Mexico does more to come in and help Michoacan fight off the scourge of the Jalisco cartel.