Mexico Descends into War as Tourists are Murdered

If you want to stay alive, you’re well-advised not to go to Mexico. Even popular resort towns are becoming murder hotspots and rival drug cartels gun down innocent people on the beach and in the streets.

Mexico is what happens when you let a corrupt big government connect with out-of-control crime. The best example of this at the current moment comes from the Mayan Riviera, an area of resorts and tourist locations in one of the supposedly safest parts of Mexico.

Tourists Gunned Down

Take the town of Tulum, an expensive Bohemian resort area on the Mayan Riviera. It’s full of yuppies and alternative types, but it’s also the scene of ongoing turf wars between rival drug cartels.

In October, two young women visiting Mexico were brutally gunned down at a restaurant. They were Anjali Ryot from India and Jennifer Henzold from Germany.

There have also been a number of shootings in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and other areas along this strip of pricey hotels and beachside hideaways. It’s just not safe, not at all.

Also, with a population who’s unable to own guns and the corrupt police and government, Mexico is a nightmare situation.

Mexico is Suffering from an Epidemic of Gang Violence

Around 2,400 people per month have been killed in Mexico, due to gang-related violence this year. The thing with what’s happening is it’s quickly swept under the rug in order to keep tourism numbers up.

People rapidly forget about it and return to margaritas and tacos, until it happens again. In March, at Playa Tortugas restaurant in Cancun, two people were shot dead.

Later that same month in Cancun, an American tourist was wounded by psychotic gunmen. In June, three people were killed at the beach in Tulum. In October, the murder of Henzold and Ryot happened.

Then, on November 4, gunmen on jet skis murdered people on the beach at the Ziya Hyatt in Puerto Morelos near Playa del Carmen.

Case Study: Acapulco

If you want to see what’s going to happen in the future, look at Acapulco.

It used to be a major stop for tourists and others, but it now has much lower tourist numbers. That’s because it’s not safe. Acapulco is full of gang violence, drug dealing, and random bloodshed on a daily basis.

Could Tulum be next? It’s not so far out of imagination, considering murders are already up 80% this year to 65 murders so far in 2021.

In addition to the above incidents, more tourists have been killed from Uruguay and Spain, as well as an American firefighter who was abducted and brutally murdered in July.

This is not the kind of thing that happens at a nice little resort town full of yoga studios, at least it’s not supposed to, but it is happening.

Mexico’s President Amlo says cops in Tulum are “rotten.” He has tried to put more National Guard on standby in these places, but it’s far from a solution.